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Insane 51
Insane 51

Insane 51

Confirmed artist

2 works

Insane 51 is a Greek muralist based in Athens, one of the pioneers of 3D art.

He started in 2007 as a graffiti artist and since then he has never stopped doing what he wants.

Nevertheless, this street artist is not an ordinary artist who plays with a spray can and scribbles on walls. He is known for his 3D street art, an art called "Double Exposure 3D". Indeed, depending on the color of the light, it will be one figure or another. He has participated in various festivals in Europe and around the world: Lobart Festival, Thessaloniki Street Art Festival, Jams Graffiti Hip Hop Shop, etc. ...

Adept of photorealism and fine technician, Insane 51 adds a dose of complexity in his latest paintings. We mentioned his interest in the anaglyph technique which allows him to create different optical illusions. Insane 51 takes a new step by inserting subliminal images, revealed exclusively by wearing stereoscopic glasses. Skillfully combining red and cyan, the artist superimposes several layers of paint to conceal a subliminal image.

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Fine Art of Athens.


  • Lobart Festival
  • Thessaloniki Street Art Festival
  • Jams Graffiti Hip Hop Shop


The 2 works of artist Insane 51

Insane 51 - We Are All The Same / Geisha
Insane 51
Mixed media
135 x 135 x 3 cm
Insane 51 - We Are All The Same / SAMOURAÏ
Insane 51
Mixed media
135 x 135 x 3 cm

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