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C215, a mysterious name that can refer to a pantone color as well as a chemical formula. But behind this code name hides in fact one of the most influential actors of the street art in France. Christian Guémy, alias C215, born in France in 1973. It is in 2006 that the artist subscribes to the practice of stencil and graffiti, an activity that will never leave him from that moment. He trained in history and economics, wishing to model himself as a modern-day humanist, and will gradually move towards Art History.

From this path, a fascination for the work of Caravaggio was born. C215 seeks to retranscribe the brilliance and beauty of these art classics in our current cities. To do so, he will take possession of the walls of his city, in Ivry-sur-Seine, and paint dreamlike and colorful works. The trigger for him was a heartbreak. He separated from his wife and could not see his 4 year old daughter grow day after day. Determined to show her that he still thinks about her on a daily basis, he will draw a picture of his former wife and daughter Nina on a facade in his neighborhood. An event that will mark the beginning of his career as an urban painter.

C215's works are mainly human-sized to be as close as possible to reality and passers-by, with the exception of certain more imposing mural creations. It will emanate sparkling colors and a particularly worked lighting. We will perceive the character of his models through the features and expressions that are depicted. The faces come alive and blow a wind of poetry on the city. For the artist, street art must merge with its environment, interact with the elements that make it up and demonstrate a true aestheticism. His first reference is none other than Ernest Pignon Ernest, tutelary figure of street art in France.

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He trained in history and economics, wishing to develop a profile as a modern-day humanist, and later moved on to art history.

From this path, a fascination for the work of Caravaggio was born.


  • "Urban course", Clermont (Oise)


  • "The legend of the skies", Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, Le Bourget
  • "Concordance des temps", Maison des Arts, Laon
  • "Collection", Municipal Gallery, Arcueil


  • "One hundred years after47 ", Museum of the Army, Hôtel des Invalides and Museum of the Legion of Honor
  • "Illustrious! C215 around the Pantheon", Pantheon
  • "C215 in residence48 ", Museums of Soissons, Soissons
  • "Saga Mécanique49 " at the Cité de l'Automobile, Mulhouse (France) from 22-12-2017 to 22-02-2018
  • " Perdus de Vue50 " at the Mathgoth gallery, from September 21 to October 20, 2018.


  • "Athletes, carte blanche to C21551", National Museum of Sport, Nice
  • "La mauvaise réputation", Open Space Gallery, Paris
  • L'Aérosol, Museum of graffiti, Maquis-art hall of fame organized by maquis-art.


  • Retrospective, Le Cellier, Reims
  • "Panopticon Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg


  • "E=MC215", Musée des arts et métiers, Paris
  • Douce France, PierresVives, Montpellier (France)


  • Douce France, City Hall of the 13th district of Paris
  • Benedictine Palace, Fécamp


  • Mea Culpa, Wunderkammern gallery, Rome


  • Orgullecida, Montana gallery, Barcelona
  • Prophets, Saint-Louis de la Salpêtrière Chapel, Paris


  • Smoke gets in your Eyes, Shooting gallery, San Francisco
  • Borderline, Signal Gallery, London


  • Midnight Dreams, Signal Gallery, London
  • Community Service, Itinerrance Gallery, Paris


  • C215, Pierre Cardin Gallery / Studio 55, Paris
  • Shoe Shiner, Signal Gallery, London
  • Hummingbirds, CARF charity association headquarters, Bergen


  • Junk Store, Ad Hoc Gallery, New York
  • Nina my love, Plastik Gallery, Sao Paolo


  • Nukod Galerie (ex Dadawan+Madturnip - Paris Gare du Nord) C215 collective exhibition of the red book of the same name including L'Atlas, Tchikioto, Supakitsh, Eroné, Terratag, Playmoo, Ciou...


  • Djerbahood, Erriadh, Tunisia


  • Avant-Garde, Fine Arts Museum, Tudela, Spain
  • Ten Years of Wooster Collective, Johanthan Levine, New York
  • Nuart Art Festival, Stavanger, Norway
  • Participation in the project La Tour Paris 1352, a nine-story building invested by 108 street-artists of eighteen nationalities and opened to the public between October 1 and 31, 2013.


  • Beyond street art, Post Museum, Paris
  • Urban masters, Opera gallery, London
  • Moniker urban art fair, London
  • Museum of engraving, La Louvière, Belgium


  • B. A. L., Musée de la poste, Paris


  • Contemporary Art Biennale, Moscow


  • Parallel Universe (with Logan Hicks), Show&Tell Gallery, Toronto
  • Stepanska Street Art, French institute of Prague, Prague
  • Justice, Bridewell police station, Long Arm Gallery, Bristol


Banksy's can's festival, International Festival of Stencil, London

The work of artist

C215 - Obama
40 x 50 cm

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