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Jacques Ibert
Jacques Ibert

Jacques Ibert


KAZoART artist since 2016

13 works

World Wide Web traveller. Starting from a point, a center, a pixel and extending to leave its base. To venture without risk and get lost in a motionless journey. Clear distances with a virtual toolbox and sketch, re-crop, erase, paste, filter, merge, duplicate... the contours of a possible world. Use drag and drop handles, damage eyes for miles of scroll, eliminate fingers. Explore the virtual labyrinth that still wonders if the Internet is working and recover sunken images from the network. Because like a writer who writes his novel one word after another, one thought about another, I create my work by pasting images. One on top of the other or next to each other. Sometimes they answer each other. Often, they are installed as part of the decor. Today rare and precious and precious for tomorrow to finish anonymous and banal. Integrated into paintings, landscapes or part of a matrix, they accumulate to form a glued narrative. Make a skin of images as a breastplate. Cover the body with a pixel embroidered cover. And to be born again to the world to become invisible again.

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Graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Caen.

Mac Paris 2016

Presented at the Galerie du Fleuve Paris VI

International Contemporary Art Fair of Lille Art Fair

International Contemporary Art Fair in Lyon, Mulhouse, Nantes.

The 13 works of artist Jacques Ibert

Jacques Ibert - Retour aux sources
110 x 70 cm
Jacques Ibert - Jardin des délices
Digital Prints
115 x 65 cm
Jacques Ibert - Dans un trou
110 x 110 cm
Jacques Ibert - Espace-temps
100 x 105 cm
Jacques Ibert - Au commencement
100 x 100 cm
Jacques Ibert - Icônocratie
Mixed media
70 x 105 cm
Jacques Ibert - Cheval cabré
70 x 70 cm
Jacques Ibert - Ville n°1
Digital Prints
160 x 90 cm
Jacques Ibert - Sphère
Digital Prints
60 x 120 cm
Jacques Ibert - Portrait n°1
Digital Prints
80 x 65 cm
Jacques Ibert - Perspective cavalière
Digital Prints
85 x 120 cm
Jacques Ibert - New-york part 2
Digital Prints
30 x 40 cm
Jacques Ibert - Statue
30 x 40 cm

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