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Louise Fritsch

Louise Fritsch

Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2017
  • 20 works sold
  • 66 works

Louise Fritsch's artistic approach: The human body is painted through flow, flood and impulse, the comings and goings between darkness and light, passing through anamorphoses and metamorphoses, with nods to the genius of the Renaissance, the Baroque style and contemporaneity.

Between weightlessness and sensuality, constraints and freedom, the human and animal worlds, she has played/tinkered with opposites and instability in order to express an impetus and to seek one's own boundaries. One line may conceal another, appear, disappear, make the invisible… visible. She has tried for some years to create large scale anamorphoses and optical illusions for the architectural space. The effect of the anamorphosis accentuates the illusion of movement for the viewer who, when coming and going through the space, sees the artwork changing going from a figurative representation to abstraction.

The visual impact of the artwork is amplified and stretched through the use of linear perspective. She sees it like the sound of a note that lingers on at the end of a concert before it dies away. The actual shape of the unaltered piece can be seen if one views it from a specific angle. The works can be made on materials such as walls, posts, windows, floors, ceilings, mirrors and more.  

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Louise Fritsch - Vocation de nos atomes 2003-115
Louise Fritsch
Pastel drawing
65 x 95 cm
Louise Fritsch - Je t'aime ! 2019-637 anamorphose
Louise Fritsch
Mixed media
10 x 4 cm
Louise Fritsch - Sables - 2008-286
Louise Fritsch
Oil painting
89 x 116 cm
Louise Fritsch - Opus incertum 2018-621
Louise Fritsch
Acrylic painting
64 x 45 cm
Louise Fritsch - Gnos dloc eht 2014-452
Louise Fritsch
Oil painting
130 x 89 cm
Louise Fritsch - Géométrie sacrée - 2008-298
Louise Fritsch
Oil painting
89 x 116 cm
Louise Fritsch's Career

Municipal School of Decorative Arts of STRASBOURG (F)
(renamed HEAR - Haute École des Arts du Rhin)
1982/1985 : Illustration workshop directed by Claude Lapointe
1985/1988 : Painting workshop directed by Franck Wohlfahrt
1988 : municipal diploma in painting option.


2009 – STRASBOURG - Prix des Arts plastiques 2009 - Prix remis par l'Académie Rhénane
2001 – LA CELLE ST-CLOUD - Mention spéciale du jury Salon « Juin de la Celle St - Cloud »
1999 – STRASBOURG - 1er Prix de peinture « Autour du Foot » décerné par la ligue d’Alsace de Football
1991 – CAEN - 3ème Prix « les Drakkars de la Peinture » Décerné par la Direction régionale jeunesse et Sport de Basse Normandie.
1988 – VIERZON 15ème Prix d'art mural - Concours organisé par la Jeune Chambre Économique de Vierzon et de la Région.