Christian Candelier

Christian Candelier

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Viroflay (78), France
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After a first professional life in a company, Christian Candelier has been involved, since 2011, in a second life of passion for sculpture. After having followed courses and modelling workshops with various sculptors, he happily creates his feminine nudes inhabited by élan, grace and elegance. Her artistic approach is driven by the desire to reveal the curves of nature, especially those of women’s bodies, and to bring emotion to the interiors. This leads him to seek perfection in touch, to try to feel these smooth curves without ever encountering defect and to bring his sculptures to the limit of imbalance in order to privilege the harmony of lines and movement. He finds his inspiration in jewellery, haute couture, perfume and painting ads that he particularly likes. He likes challenges like the one of creating in 3D what moved him in 2D

Christian Candelier has followed courses and modelling internships with various sculptors.

March 5 to April 5, 2019 MAUBOUSSIN Jewellery 15 rue de la Paix PARIS 75002)

29 March to 7 April 2019 Salon du Colombier SAINT ARNOULT EN YVELINES 78730)

November 2018: 28th crossroads of the arts, Linas (91)

November 2018: 40th Salon des Amis des Arts de Chaville, Chaville (92)

May - June 2018: 40th Salon d’Art, Sain Germain les Corbeil (91)

May - June 2018: Blaise Factory Gallery, Trouville (14)

May - June 2018: Crédit Mutuel Parvis de l’Atrium, Chaville (92)

May 2018: ART NORMANDIE exhibition, Honfleur (14)

April - May 2018: Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain Esplanade du Château de Vincennes

March - April 2018: Concept Store Gallery, La Baule (44)

Sept - Oct 2017: 1st Biennale of Fine Arts of Rambouillet Salle Patenôtre Rambouillet (78)

October 2017: Paris Autumn Exhibition (75)

June 2017: Galerie du Colombier, Paris (75)

May 2017: Artifa Gallery 1000, Brussels

March - April 2017: Espace Art Gallery 1050, Brussels

Christian Candelier's artwork

Bronze Sculpture (21 x 46 cm)
La songeuse
La songeuse
Bronze Sculpture (39 x 95 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (35 x 60 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (35 x 51 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (36 x 14 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (26 x 13 cm)

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