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Nathalie Le Gall

Nathalie Le Gall

Emerging artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2018
  • 5 works

Nathalie Le Gall works in pastel, painting and ink in relation to the living models she regularly receives in her Green Monkey workshop, but also by the fascination of the works of the great masters of art history whom she constantly studies. She is interested in the effects of the emotional abyss of an image that she creates from scratch by creating small scenes. The multiple materials of the objects are integrated into the naked bodies where light circulates, the whole of which is constrained by the framing.

Nathalie Le Gall often works in series where the same model appears in different poses. But his work does not stop with a single style, which passes from the realistic body staged to the body in action which no longer fixes form but movement.

"It is the personality of the model that gives meaning to the work, because it guides the creative process of my work.

The pigments of the pastel sticks that are deposited on the paper are the powder of pure, fragile, light and subtle colours... A cloud of coloured atoms that shape a face, an expression, a movement, infinite light... "Nathalie Le Gall.

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Nathalie Le Gall - La pose
Nathalie Le Gall
Pastel drawing
100 x 50 cm
Nathalie Le Gall - Femme à l'ombrelle
Nathalie Le Gall
Pastel drawing
50 x 100 cm
Nathalie Le Gall - Un thé au hammam
Nathalie Le Gall
Pastel drawing
50 x 100 cm
Nathalie Le Gall - Le faune
Nathalie Le Gall
Pastel drawing
50 x 100 cm
Nathalie Le Gall - Le rouge à lèvres
Nathalie Le Gall
Pastel drawing
100 x 50 cm

Nathalie Le Gall's Career

After studying graphic arts in Paris, Nathalie Le Gall enrolled in the Beaux-Arts de la ville de Montpellier. The following year, she won the official poster competition for the 1998 French Football World Cup. Thanks to this distinction, she settles down as an independent illustrator and develops many graphic creations. At the same time, she organizes numerous exhibitions in France and abroad of her personal work in painting and multiple techniques. His work, very diversified both in terms of subjects and techniques, also allows him to create monumental sculptures in the region through graphic design. In 2013, with 20 years of professional experience, she opened her workshop "L’Atelier du Singe Vert".


Painting exhibitions:

- Affordable Art Fairs Paris 2009

- 12 Exhibitions at the Montpellier sawmill 2005/2010

- Hôtel d’agglo de Montpellier 2008

- L’art Citoyen Maison des relations internationales 2008

- White ground chapel Saint Gély Montpellier 2008

- Transparency " Térralia " Saint jean de Védas 2008

- Containers contained from Antiquity to today Murviel les Montpellier 2010

- Autumn exhibition "La grande Motte" 2007/ 2013

- 2 exhibitions in Florilèges in Baillargues 2007

- Art project in Toulon 2007

- 4 exhibitions at Eland’art Corum Montpellier 2007/2014

- Exhibition in China at Ainanan 2013

- 2 exhibitions at Galerie N in Montpellier 2007

- Peschot Hall in Sète 2009

- Saint-Ravy Montpellier Gallery 2006

- Castelnaux 2016 Cultural Centre

- 5 Exhibitions in the Maisons pour tous Montpellier 2017/2018

- 8 Exhibitions at the Atelier du Singe Vert Montpellier 2013/2017

- Opening exhibition at the Pragma Urban Art Gallery Montpellier 2015.


Lauréate : • 2007: Lauréate 2ème prix du concours de peinture de la Cité de l'Espace Toulouse • 2006: Lauréate du concours B.BRAUN. En exposition itinérante dans 10 CHU de France • 1998: Lauréate du concours de l'Affiche officielle de la Coupe du Monde de Football France 98.