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SAUBION (40), France
7 works

Frédéric Voisin is the creator of Mindus.

"I was, for 20 years, commercial director of a group in the metallurgy industry. Far from home, the objective at the time was profitability, turnover and competitiveness. After having largely exceeded my physical and psychological limits, life made me understand that the essential was not there, and that my development could be found elsewhere. Gradually I searched, I became aware of what I liked in my heart, and it didn’t take too long to search, because it had always been in me, it was to create, to make things with noble materials: wood and metal. I was finally able to connect with my passion and creativity and gradually make furniture, lights, decorative objects and sculptures that corresponded to my inspiration. I also found this inspiration in the recovery of materials that I hunt or recycle, because my passion is to give a second life to objects.

Today, my work is essentially the production of unique pieces. Everything I make is a reflection of my inspiration but also corresponds to the exclusive demands of my customers. Mindus is handmade in a contemporary style but above all it is the alliance of all our minds.

Self-taught creator-sculptor craftsman, carpentry, ironwork.

"The fruit of his imagination, chic, funny and sometimes zany objects do not leave anyone indifferent. They invite you to dream. A passionate China man, he is also a fan of recycling. With the recovery of old objects, he gives grain to grind to the imagination, thanks to evocations of childhood and ingenious diversions such as the globe-terrestrial lamp placed on books or the "Pin pon" lamp, which houses a bulb in the hollow of a fire extinguisher. Or when the harshness of wood and metal takes on a marshmallow taste. "M-P Letort - Wood and metal dreams - Journal SUD-OUEST

"[...] Many local brands have called on him. In particular, he redecorated the restaurant room of the Villa de l’Étang blanc with new tables, the SB Artisans Burger restaurant in Bénesse also called on him for all its decoration. At the Hossegor market, under the market halls, he also created the counters of the Coquette rotisserie, in collaboration with Club 418, which recycles resin from the manufacture of surfboards. The cheeses of Flore, Tapas drive, they are many to have called upon him. "Côté Mag Magazine

"Finally, how can we not remain admiring the works made by Frédéric Voisin from Mindus, who exhibited many of his works in a "bare metal" style. For example, this ladybug rear cover is entirely hand chiselled and backlit for an exceptional look when hung on the wall. Nevertheless, count between 12 and 15 hours of work for the reconversion of this bodywork part into a painting, which in any case is a unique work. "Super WV magazine

"Industrial poetry" [...] At the same time, he lets his creativity express itself by using industrial waste to bring to life two poetic sculptures exhibited at the Uxiart Gallery in Toulouse. Frédéric Voisin has a taste for technical challenges and takes pleasure in transforming these heavy steel plates into fine lace. »

MINDUS's artwork

Metal Sculpture (160 x 160 cm)
Metal Sculpture (80 x 90 cm)
Metal Sculpture (160 x 245 cm)
Metal Sculpture (160 x 155 cm)
The Beatles
The Beatles
Metal Sculpture (301 x 152 cm)
Metal Sculpture (60 x 160 cm)
Sculpture gontran
Sculpture gontran
Metal Sculpture (60 x 40 cm)

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