Patrick Hoedt

Patrick Hoedt

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Herseaux (77), Belgium
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Painter and illustrator, Patrick Hoedt was first influenced by Klee, Miro and Dubuffet, to detach himself from them and give free rein to the vibrations emitted by colours. This work on vibratory fields leads him to question the unspeakable. Fragmented images, testimony of our common history: characters - icons, punctuate our memory... But these collages are surrounded by a progressive stripping, requiring silence and suggesting emptiness. The spectator (or "viewer") remains a witness to these fragments of history, clinging to the walls of time and space. Can he be sure that "it" has existed, that "this world" is real?

In his last paintings, Patrick Hoedt is in the process of juxtaposing presence and absence, full and empty, the sounds of history and the muted vibration of free energies.

Painting courses and training in the philosophy of art with the Flemish painter and sculptor Julien Vermaercke


2017: ART3F- Brussels / Dehon Gallery/DAP Brussels

2015: FMR Gallery Dessembourg Enghien / Gallery Brush Treasures Toronto

2014: Int. Art Fair Rotterdam / Gallery Brush Treasures Toronto

2013: ART3F - Mulhouse Exhibition

2012: Artfiler Gallery - Brussels

2011: Horta Gallery - Brussels / International Contemporary Art Fair - Rotterdam / Kunst en Living - Rotterdam

2009: Fayla Gallery - Brussels / Academy of Fine Arts - Brussels

2007/2008: Artitude Gallery - Paris

2006: Art Event - Antwerp

2005: Carpi and Bologna - Italy

2003/2004: Kunst Event - Antwerp

2002: Art for all-Brussels

2000: Museum of Spontaneous Art-Brussels

1999: Resonans-Ghent Gallery:

1997/1998: Little Van Gogh-Brussels

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