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Figurative Artists

KAZoART introduces you to artists who are always seeking to question themselves in order to develop their artistic approach. We recognize that figuration has existed since art became “art”. Discover the work of our contemporary figurative artists who have succeeded in reinventing the codes to convey their vision and conception of the world. After all, a world that is constantly changing and evolving will inevitably make art evolve as well!

Famous figurative artists

It would be impossible to present and quote all the figurative artists and the artistic movements to which they belonged, as they are so numerous (neoclassicism, orientalism, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, etc.). From the first cave painting dating from prehistoric times to the last most contemporary painting, figuration in art is timeless and unwavering. With each period, each trend, each movement and each artist, figurative art evolves.

It is both man and his representation that interests certain artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Léonard De Vinci, as well as nature, its colours and light effects for Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Paul Cézanne. While it will be the movement and vivacity of the subjects for Eugène Delacroix and Jacques-Louis David. 

Painting represents only a tiny part of the artistic disciplines where the figurative is manifested. For example, sculpture, a discipline that will make reality even more tangible in many ways than figurative painting. It will be the preferred means of expression for famous figurative artists  such as Michelangelo, Donatello, Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel and Alberto Giacometti.

Figurative Art: its definitions, mediums and techniques

It is undeniable that the majority of artistic productions in art history are figurative. It is a fact, the contemporary figurative artist likes to be inspired by their environment (object, landscape, person, nature, etc.) to produce artwork. Between mimicry, transposition, transformation and interpretation of reality, the work carries a different message depending on the artist's initial vision and will have a singular impact on the viewer. 

No constraints with figurative art, it is up to the artist to choose whether they wish to paint, sculpt, engrave, photograph or create an installation. The subjects and genres referring to reality are as numerous as there are words and concepts in this world, thus demonstrating the potential, vastness and richness of this style.

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