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Figurative Artists

KAZoART introduces you to contemporary figurative artists who are always seeking to question themselves in order to develop their artistic approach. We recognize that figuration has existed since art became “art”. Discover the work of our contemporary figurative artists who have succeeded in reinventing the codes to convey their vision and conception of the world. After all, a world that is constantly changing and evolving will inevitably make art evolve as well!

Famous contemporary figurative artists

It would be impossible to present and quote all the figurative artists and the artistic movements to which they belonged, as they are so numerous (neoclassicism, orientalism, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, etc.). From the first cave painting dating from prehistoric times to the last most contemporary painting, figuration in art is timeless and unwavering. With each period, each trend, each movement and each artist, figurative art evolves.

It is both man and his representation that interests certain artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Léonard De Vinci, as well as nature, its colours and light effects for Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Paul Cézanne. While it will be the movement and vivacity of the subjects for Eugène Delacroix and Jacques-Louis David. 

Painting represents only a tiny part of the artistic disciplines where the figurative is manifested. For example, sculpture, a discipline that will make reality even more tangible in many ways than figurative painting. It will be the preferred means of expression for famous contemporary figurative artists such as Michelangelo, Donatello, Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel and Alberto Giacometti.

Figurative Art: its definitions, mediums and techniques

It is undeniable that the majority of artistic productions in art history are figurative. It is a fact, the contemporary figurative artist likes to be inspired by their environment (object, landscape, person, nature, etc.) to produce artwork. Between mimicry, transposition, transformation and interpretation of reality, the work carries a different message depending on the artist's initial vision and will have a singular impact on the viewer. 

No constraints with figurative art, it is up to the artist to choose whether they wish to paint, sculpt, engrave, photograph or create an installation. The subjects and genres referring to reality are as numerous as there are words and concepts in this world, thus demonstrating the potential, vastness and richness of this style.

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Gaëtan de Séguin

20 works

Nathalie Maquet

30 works

Alain Ballereau

203 works

Hugo Pondz

58 works

Isabelle Becker

6 works


26 works


8 works

Sandrine Lemoigne

14 works

Armel Jullien

37 works

nicholas coss

18 works


234 works


54 works

Isabelle Lebret

13 works

Alice Roy

131 works

Morgan Paslier

349 works

Claudio Missagia

97 works

Gérard Lartigue

87 works

Laurent Minguet

13 works


10 works

Nina Urlichs

37 works

Amanda Rackowe

27 works

Olivier Desvaux

13 works

Romain Bonnet

125 works

Hélène Vallas

78 works

Magalie Ors

83 works

Bernard Rives

23 works

Mathilde Oscar

27 works

Laura Caillaux

17 works

Stéphane Peltier

17 works


539 works

Thierry Boitier

70 works

Marina Del Pozo

395 works

Sven Pfrommer

520 works

Olivier Boissinot

134 works

Pascaline Lopez

14 works

Bertrand De Miollis

13 works


32 works

Françoise Chadelas

157 works

Stéphane Cattaneo

488 works

Bruno Lemée

16 works

Carole Melmoux

11 works

Marie Christine PALOMBIT

42 works

Sylwia Avola

52 works

Régis Bodinier

57 works

Laure Polin

62 works

François Pagé

452 works

Fabien Delaube

76 works

Evelyn Kuwertz

20 works


36 works

Albane De Saint Remy

21 works

Pierre FSTN

27 works

Emmanuelle Lemetais

29 works

Eric Vanel

14 works

Gaëlle Cueff

45 works

Gaël Rouxeville

41 works

Jean-Claude Carlet

30 works

Didier Van Sprengel

34 works

Enrique Perez

11 works

Alex Saman

59 works

Norberto Moretti

20 works

Lucie De Saint

72 works

Yannick Bouillault

122 works

François Cognet

174 works

Khaled morad

40 works

Régine Pivier-Attolini

77 works

Véronique Vantesone

19 works

Luis Azemar

25 works

Alain Voinot

118 works


99 works

Hildegarde Handsaeme

72 works

Sébastien Grenier

23 works

Bernard Fièvre

24 works

Nathalie Si Pié

94 works

Ivan Sollogoub

22 works

Clémentine Vauchelet

69 works


22 works

MC Garbage

34 works

Marion Roy

35 works

François Cusson

68 works


496 works

Igor Bitman

44 works

Franck Oscamou

43 works

Boris Garanger

9 works

Alain Pontecorvo

41 works

Barbara Piatti

287 works

Pierre Tournier

41 works


24 works

Véronique Dumont

26 works

Gérard Taillandier

91 works

Aude Mouillot

66 works

Patrick Santoni

67 works

Alain Mandon

28 works

Pascal Milcendeau

84 works

Orazio Barbagallo

48 works

Eva Gohier

101 works

Hélène Courtois-Redouté

86 works

Stéphanie de Malherbe

47 works

Sabine Rusch

36 works

Laurent Botella

12 works

Nathalie Sizaret

96 works


253 works

François Sahuc

126 works

James Earley

59 works

Thalie B. Vernet

75 works

bruno charpentier

42 works

Barbara Petit Lisy

232 works

Anne Brerot

25 works

Monica Sarandrea

23 works

Caroline Mercier

9 works

Valérie Chrétien

85 works

Charly N'doumbe

37 works


57 works

Valerian Sioridzé

13 works

Cécile Duchêne-Malissin

124 works

Charlie Bobo

24 works

db Waterman

84 works

Pierre Dessein

35 works


19 works

Alain Rolland

86 works

Tanya Angelova

84 works

Jérôme Sainte Rose

23 works

Daniel Berkovitch

28 works

Pierre Richir

42 works

Emilie Pannier (Mia)

60 works

Lionel Le Jeune

45 works


93 works

Marie-Thérèse Tsalapatanis

98 works

Dominique Emard

53 works

Nicolas Desbons

49 works

Sébastien Brunel

31 works

Sylvia Baldeva

430 works

Marc Brousse

21 works

Chloé Tiravy

18 works

Jean-Pierre Picheny

61 works

Amandyne Steropês

127 works

Alexandra Chauchereau

90 works

Guiome David

61 works

Jivko Sedlarski

65 works

Yves Celaire

10 works

Cyrille Borgnet Dupont

29 works

Réjane LeChat

89 works

Elisabeth Cibot

10 works

Magali Marmet

49 works

Pierre Nadler

53 works

Benoît Montet

66 works

Sophie Barut

31 works

Pauline Di Valentin

22 works

Christian Candelier

23 works


44 works

Vilma Leino