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Geometric Artists

Here you can find all of KAZoART’s geometric artists. For them, line, form and volume carry as much artistic value as figurative art. They know how to get back to the basics and depict the simpler things. That said, geometric artists are capable of producing highly complex compositions when mixing geometric abstraction with geometric figuration. It is an enriching and intriguing combination that you will have the pleasure of seeing on KAZoART so keep your eyes peeled!

Famous artists with a passion for geometric art

With abstraction and the artistic movements it generated in the 20th century (constructivism, supremacy, minimalism, etc.), geometric abstraction artists were particularly interested in the canvas’ picture planes. The compositions of the famous works by Vassily Kandinsky, Fernand Léger, Théo Van Doesburg, Auguste Herbin, François Morellet, Max Bill, Daniel Buren, Josef Albers, Jesus Rafael Soto, Kasimir Malevitch and Piet Mondrian demonstrate a mindfulness of space, pattern and their relationship to one another.

 Their compositions obey very particular rules according to each theorist, ranging from the economy of the line and the use of sober colours to its opposite. In all productions by geometric artists, they believe that forms have aesthetic power over the viewer's psyche.

Geometry and Art

Geometry and mathematics have always been present in art. Perhaps in a more subtle way for the viewer, when he looks at a late Renaissance masterpiece without knowing that the composition of the painting has been calculated at length by a geometric artist, than when he finds himself face-to-face with a cubist or minimalist canvas.

Paintings that fall under the category of geometric art (made by geometric artists) are generally composed of lines and colours, so the shapes that come to life through the artist’s brushstrokes constitute the geometry of the composition. Not necessarily finished or perfect, geometry can appear in more discreet forms (a line crossing another line, a symmetrical point to another, etc.). When it is clearly claimed by the geometric artist as an integral part of the work, participating in its message, it then becomes part of its identity. This was particularly the case among the constructivist, supremacist and minimalist vanguards of the 20th century. 

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Pierre Muckensturm

26 works

Antoine Massiani

133 works


549 works

Aurore Thuault

10 works

Florent Lubienicki

25 works

Remi Delaplace

97 works

Marc Brousse

21 works

Réjane LeChat

92 works

Ronald Hunter

269 works

Marc Mugnier

63 works

Pierre Calogero

133 works


71 works


24 works

Aykaz Arzumanyan

77 works

Jérôme Poumès

133 works

Aude Mouillot

72 works

Nadine Hardy

149 works

Antonin Lamoot

29 works

Antony Squizzato

30 works

Michel Debully

127 works

Hildegarde Handsaeme

68 works


288 works

Claire Biette

123 works

Marie Guerrier

17 works

sophie DUMONT

122 works

Yannick Bouillault

130 works


91 works

Nathalie Si Pié

99 works

Olivier Boissinot

140 works

Jean-Marc Martinez

127 works

Camille Tardif

30 works

Morgan Paslier

353 works

Thomas Delalande

38 works

Georges DUMAS

147 works

Marion Moulin

88 works

Christian Clausier

79 works

Jean-François Laurent (JFL)

74 works

Maxime Crombez

15 works

Yona Grandjean

35 works

Aude Billerot

130 works

Eric Durant

229 works

Marcel Baugier

59 works

Yves Pagart

29 works

Louise Fritsch

63 works


59 works

Myriam Eyann

54 works

Francis Gonnet

41 works

Bernard Devie

24 works


26 works


13 works

Pierre-Yves Beltran

202 works

Camille Adra

9 works

Bettina Eberhaerd

95 works

Fabienne FOL

93 works

Carlos Sauvageot

22 works

André Baldet

269 works


47 works

Laurent Violeau

25 works


121 works

Manuel Pougès

8 works

Yves Braun

17 works

Juliana Borinski

36 works

Jean-Paul Boyer

28 works

Thierry Mell

24 works


3 works

Cécile Valle

82 works


24 works

Gilles Quéré

58 works


15 works


16 works

Delphine Dessein

151 works

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