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Street Art Artists

As in all artistic movements, the artist and their work are inseparable. Sometimes even the subjects represented surpass their creator. For committed, political, humorous or social purposes, street artists leave their mark by reinventing urban spaces. On KAZoART, this practice is also available on the web, so go ahead and discover our talented and colourful street artists!

Famous Street Artists

When we think of Street Art, names immediately come to mind: Banksy, Invader, Jef Aerosol, Shepard Fairey, JR, Keith Haring or Miss. Tic. Everyone with their own style surprises, sensitizes and entertains. Everything is a pretext to make people talk. Street art is not only decorative but also allows us to perceive our environment differently. In public places or on the street, giant frescoes, tags and other graffiti never really go unnoticed. 

Famous street artists artists even play the game of hijacking events. For example Banksy who was silent about his true identity and made an incredible show of the sale of one of his works at a live auction or JR, who covered the Napoleon court and the Pyramid of the Louvre with anonymous black and white portraits.

Street Art: its origins, techniques and mediums

Born in the 1960s in the United States, the first urban art movement was the "Graffiti writing" promoted by two Philadelphia artists: Cornbread and Cool Earl. Writing on the walls became trendy and the practice spread to New York where the no less well-known Taki 183 and Blade One emerged. Sidewalks, subways, public gathering areas: everything was their canvas. 

However innovative it may be, Street Art remains illegal. It is said to be subversive, degrading and provocative. However, the ban did not discourage Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, quite the contrary and it definitely doesn’t stop the street art artists of today. This counter-culture quickly became bankable, judging by the extraordinary sums sold for stencils and editions by the greatest street artists. Equipped with knives, rollers, spray cans or adhesive tapes, street art artists diversify their mediums by graffiti, stencils, posters and posters. Buying Street Art has never been so simple!

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