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Surrealism Artists

We have gathered here our surrealism artists, who followed in the footsteps of André Masson, André Breton and Max Ernst, to help you discover their magical and strange world. Thanks to KAZoART and its  surrealist painters, you will discover a mysterious and enigmatic world. A word of advice: never cease to let yourself be amazed! 

Famous Surrealism Artists

If Surrealism is still so well known today and is regularly the subject of numerous exhibitions, it is thanks to the talents of the artists who were able to use their creativity to create singular and inventive works. Let us mention some of the greatest of these artists: André Breton, Max Ernst, Man Ray, André Masson, Oscar Dominguez, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Victor Brauner and René Magritte.

Surrealism: its definitions, mediums and techniques

Surrealism is an artistic movement that emerged after the First World War in France in the 1920s. Faced with the horror that overwhelmed Europe during these years of war, the artist sought to rebuild himself through Surrealist Work, which conveyed positive values, unlike his Dadaist negationist contemporaries.

Their main challenge and objective was to find that which was wonderful amongst that which was horrible. In this way, artists sublimate the psychic and imaginary world of man, in which they see in it a reservoir of unsuspected infinite resources. First literary, this movement was extended to art.

Inspired by the theories of Freudian psychoanalysis, surrealism artists were fascinated by the capacities of the mind - just as surrealist writers who advocated the liberation of the mind. They apply the principles of stream of consciousness writing (liberation from desire, non-control of thought, etc.). Rubbing, collage, radiography, and decals became the main techniques used by surrealist painters and sculptors.

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