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Watercolour Artists

Watercolour painting has undeniable qualities. Thanks to its texture, it can be clear, intense or even luminous depending on the watercolour artist’s choice. Here we have grouped KAZoART’s watercolour artists who expertly manipulate this medium’s many possibilities. Browse through our selection and discover our colourful watercolour paintings that will brighten up your home with delicacy and taste.

Famous Watercolour Artists

One of the most famous series of Renaissance watercolours was made by John White, an English draughtsman, surveyor and watercolour artist. He took part in an expedition to colonise North America. These watercolour paintings depict landscapes of America populated by indigenous men and women. 

In Europe at the same time, Albrecht Dürer used watercolour mixed with other techniques (ink and gouache) during his research voyages trips (ex: Le Lièvre, 1502). Nevertheless, at that time, watercolour was rarely used by artists, with the exception of a few alterations made here and there to enhance certain details of their works.

It was not until the 18th century that watercolour artists  were accepted into the Royal Academy in France. In the 19th century, artists such as William Turner (San Giorgio Morning, Scene on the Loire, Moonlight), Samuel Palmer (Oak Tree and Beech, Lullingstone Park) and Richard Bonington, used watercolour more widely in their work and were very successful. Modern watercolour artists come from many different artistic movements such as Vassily Kandinsky, Egon Schiele and Zao Wou-Ki

Watercolour: its techniques, supports, definitions

Watercolour is a pictorial technique based on the mixture of distilled water, gum arabic and ground pigments. Very translucent, it is easily recognisable to the naked eye, and is distinguishable from other techniques. For example, it us unlike gouache which is much more opaque. 

Watercolour artists who have successfully mastered this technique appreciate it for its many possibilities and fast drying time. In art history, it is impossible to deny that oil is used by  many artists, but then again, some of the greatest artists choose watercolour to execute fast drawings during their outings and trips. Indeed, watercolour is easily transportable, space-saving and can be more or less quickly applied to thick grain paper.

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