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Pen and Ink Artists

Do you appreciate calligraphy and inks of the great masters? Are you a lover of Hokusai inks? There is no doubt that with KAZoART you will find among all our pen and ink artists whose works are just as magnificent and unique as those of their predecessors.

Famous pen and ink artists

Ink is a bit like graphite, it is one of the oldest and most used mediums. In the Middle Ages, it was the preferred tool for thos creating illuminated manuscripts and in the Renaissance it was mainly used for printing. Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach The Elder and Titian used it for their many engravings. It was only in the 19th and 20th centuries that ink was used differently.

It is true that until now, paintings in Europe have generally been done in oil. Ink, however was used at the beginning of the process. There were many artists that use pen and ink during the Renaissance as they produced ink drawings and preparatory sketches in order to organize the composition of a future canvas. 

Oil painting thus reigned over other techniques and mediums until the beginning of the 20th century. This was the case until the avant-gardists (Auguste Renoir, Georges Rouault, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall) decided to break tradition. They decided to bring all kinds of techniques and mediums into the scene and regularly giving ink drawings a prominent place in their works.

Ink in art: its techniques, supports, definitions

Widely used in the literary field for many centuries, it is also highly appreciated by artists who, very quickly, discover its many possibilities. Whether diluted or mixed, ink nuances works than any other medium

En fonction de l’outil choisi par l’artiste (pinceau, plume métallique, plume d’oie, bambou, etc.), elle s’étale seule ou mélangée à d’autres médiums (aquarelle, acrylique, fusain, sanguine, etc.) sur n’importe quel support. 

Depending on the tool chosen by the pen and ink artists (brush, metal feather, goose feather, bamboo, etc.), it can be spread alone or mixed with other mediums (watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, sanguine, etc.) on any support. 

Drawing with ink implies a great mastery of the artist, because he must know all his potential in order to handle it with dexterity to make the most of this technique. Finally, it should be noted that ink is still widely used in the field of printing, particularly during the production of engravings.

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Hildegarde Handsaeme

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Elisabeth Laplante

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Gerard Lucian Ricard

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Adrien Porcu Deiana

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Lea Lydie Lefebvre

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LN Le-Cheviller

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Thierry Machuron

152 works

Patricia Blondel

76 works

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