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Fine Art Photographers

Here you will find here all of the fine art photographers on KAZoART, each of them having a unique and complex field where aesthetics and audacity are combined with excellence. Our catalogue is rich in photography art of all styles such as nude photography art, portrait photography, figurative, abstract, geometric or even unusual photography styles. The works found here are sure to inspire!

Famous Fine Art Photographers

The photographer manipulates his lens as a painter would his brush. As such, photography art can be considered a painting. A painter tries to convey an emotion or evoke a reaction when they present their work to you, the same is true for fine art photographers.

Depending on the artist's artistic approach, the message and emotion may vary. Among abstract photographers, such as Marta Hoepffner, Erich Spahn and Otto Steinert, all that is strange and mysterious reign in their work. But with Nick Brandt, David Doubilet and Bence Maté, the aesthetics of nature and the animal kingdom genre are sought. Others such as Diane Arbus, Steve McCurry, Dorothea Lange, Robert Doisneau and Paul Strand will place the human at the heart of their work.

Photography: its definitions, mediums, techniques

Since its invention in the 19th century, photography has undergone many changes. First in black and white, the image was crystallized on glass plates. After many changes and experiments, it was printed in colour on film. Until the end of the 20th century, film photography was the technique most used by professional and amateur photographers before being gradually replaced by digital photography. 

With digital photography being the norm these days, the types vary, as do the tools made available to fine art photographers (i.e. computer software for photographic retouching). The artist's work, however, remains the same: to create and surprise. Finally, we will note that photography art, like any other artistic practice, can be combined with other techniques to form a complex and unique work.

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Carole Charbonnier

18 works

Idan Wizen

32 works

Rodolphe Martinez

73 works

Etienne Ketelslegers

13 works

Marcella Martial

15 works

Emilie Moysson

71 works

Charly N'doumbe

37 works

Bruno Houdayer

48 works

Hélène Vallas

78 works


10 works

Caroline Gasch

19 works

Vilma Leino

18 works

Thomas Gigot

68 works


11 works

Mathilde Oscar

27 works

Ken Wong-Youk-Hong

7 works

Eric Ouaknine

61 works

Adrien Caby

5 works

Delphine Perrin

47 works


47 works

Yann Theveniaud

16 works


16 works

Frédéric Demeuse

16 works

Chloé Coislier

36 works

Nicolas Mithois

23 works

Pierre Vasic

25 works

Martin Amic

30 works

Christian Clausier

79 works

Stéphanie Malossane

24 works

Julie Peiffer

47 works

Charlotte Lelong

29 works

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