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Our Selection of Contemporary Artists

KAZoART is an online gallery containing more than 40,000 works and nearly 1000 contemporary artists. Each selected artist presents their work in their personal online art gallery and invites you to discover their original universe. 

KAZoART identifies and finds the artistic talent of tomorrow

At KAZoART, we put all our energy into creating a selection of the most talented contemporary art artists in the fields of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, whether they be emerging artist or more established contemporary artist.

Every month, we are pleased to welcome and present the contemporary artwork by promising new emerging artists. Here, modern artists from all walks of life brilliantly illustrate contemporary creation. 

Our team is committed to helping you discover talented artists online but also at trade shows, fairs and exhibitions. Not only do we identify contemporary artists but we also accompany them and help them expand their renown! Our range of modern artists is quite eclectic with many styles represented such as figurative art, impressionism, abstract, street art, pop art and many more.

Rich editorial content to better know KAZoART artists

Get to know our contemporary artists such as painters, sculptors, photographers and illustration artists a bit better! By visiting their online art gallery, you will discover their stories, their background, their inspirations and of course their past or future exhibitions. 

Whatever their style, technique and materials of choice, these contemporary art artists successfully convey their message through their work. So many beautiful things to discover as you explore the galleries of the contemporary artists with whom we collaborate as they make the artistic creation of today and tomorrow. 

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Bernard Métranve

38 works


375 works

James Earley

59 works


42 works

Pascal Sentenac

14 works


101 works

Gérard Lartigue

87 works

Julien Signolet

5 works

David Léger

8 works

Claudie Gimeno

73 works

Catherine Vasseur

39 works

Yi Ge

25 works

Frédérique Bouet

11 works

Sandrine Lemoigne

14 works


30 works

Christophe Drochon

5 works

Gérard Taillandier

91 works

Elisabeth Cibot

10 works

Cathy Bion

8 works

Morgan Paslier

349 works

Marianne Quinzin

92 works

aRno sebban

6 works

Nath Dumontier

101 works

Patrice Coudun

14 works

Franck Le Boulicaut

110 works

Dominique Emard

53 works

Barbara Petit Lisy

232 works

Sven Pfrommer

520 works

Didier Van Sprengel

34 works

Jérôme Sainte Rose

23 works

Christelle Zacchero

33 works

Anne Iris

180 works


24 works

Arthur Djoroukhian

16 works


8 works

Evelyn Kuwertz

20 works

Roland Saurel

11 works

Sébastien Brunel

31 works

Pascal Milcendeau

84 works

François Pagé

452 works

Nathan Chantob

75 works

Olivier Desvaux

13 works

Remi Delaplace

104 works

Georges DUMAS

148 works

Pascal Marlin

414 works

Amanda Rackowe

27 works

Cédric Urbaniak

38 works

Diane Garcès de Marcilla

22 works

Nina Urlichs

37 works

Nathalie Sizaret

96 works

Jean-Noël Le Junter

101 works

Muriel Buthier-Chartrain

177 works

Caroline Mercier

9 works

Sophie Barut

31 works

Sophie de Fournas

11 works


21 works

Val Escoubet

72 works

Christine Guichard

62 works

Monsieur Poulet

4 works

Norberto Moretti

20 works

Vincent VerSus Sabatier

158 works


19 works

Philippe Buil

184 works


117 works

Boris Garanger

9 works

Mathilde de Bellecombe

36 works

Olive Santaoloria

27 works

Nadine Hardy

149 works

Lucie Lith

70 works

Valérie Chrétien

85 works

Monsieur Plume

12 works

Isabelle Becker

6 works

Régis Bodinier

57 works

Erick Derac

32 works

Sandra Matamoros

20 works

Sophie Bocher

31 works

Marie-Astrid Grivet

32 works

Gaël Rouxeville

41 works

Stéphane Cattaneo

488 works

Ewen Gur

125 works

Antoine Baer

18 works

Isabelle Lebret

13 works

Benoît Montet

66 works

Hildegarde Handsaeme

72 works

Flore Betty

230 works

Franck Oscamou

43 works

Michel Debully

131 works

Naomi - Slooow

7 works

Ivan Sollogoub

22 works

Alain Voinot

118 works

Nathalie Leverger

38 works

Nadine Pillon

26 works

Les Helenes

17 works


101 works

Laurent Minguet

13 works


278 works

Roseline Al Oumami

162 works

Barna Gacsi

38 works

Armel Jullien

37 works

Sam Dougados

30 works

Alain Pontecorvo

41 works

Jeffery Stride

14 works

Pierre Wuillaume

70 works


10 works

Berta Sesé

24 works

Aline Wiest

79 works

Maria Esmar

205 works

Polo Perrier

49 works

Yves Celaire

10 works

Laure Polin

62 works

Antony Squizzato

27 works

Ronald Hunter

240 works

Jack Dufour

32 works

Sylvie Julkowski-Egard

113 works

Giovanni Gelmi

20 works

Astrid Steenbrink

24 works

Marc Mugnier

61 works

Marie Christine PALOMBIT

42 works

Diane de Cicco

63 works

Pierre Muckensturm

25 works

Pierre Richir

42 works

nicholas coss

18 works

Pierre Nadler

53 works

François Sahuc

126 works

Ho My An

117 works

Chris Pillot

32 works

Didier Goessens

213 works

Insane 51

2 works

Nathalie Maquet

30 works

Lucie De Saint

72 works


59 works

Sylvain Subervie

34 works

Ousmane Dermé

35 works

Thierry Boitier

70 works


71 works

Chris Calvet

31 works

Carole Melmoux

11 works

Albane De Saint Remy

21 works


118 works

Bernard Fièvre