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Abstract Artists

Here you can find all of the contemporary abstract art artists on KAZoART. These abstract artists have chosen abstraction as a subject for reflection and expression. Inspired by masters such as Malevitch, Mondrian or Kandinsky, here you can find artists who, like the greatest, constantly question themselves, experiment and are breaking the rules while writing a new page of art history.

Famous Abstract Artists

In Art History, artists who have been interested in abstraction often grouped around artistic movements by formally theorising their ideas. Although France was mainly dominated by figuration at the beginning of the 20th century, Eastern Europe was bubbling with abstract art artists who had totally different approaches to what art could and should be. 

Let’s mention the most famous abstract art artists modern and painters who have all marked art history with their unique artistic conceptions while breaking with the other contemporary figurative movements of their times: Vassily Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Vladimir Tatline, Alexandre Rodchenko, Frantisek Kupka, Robert Delaunay, Antoine Pevsner, Naum Gabo, Kasimir Malevitch, Piet Mondrian, Théo Van Doesburg, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Albert Gleizes, Jean Arp, and Alexander Calder.

Abstract art: its definition, its techniques, its mediums

Abstract art is a generic term referring to a pictorial trend which appeared in the art world at the beginning of the 20th century. Abstract art moves away from a real visual point of reference and focuses only on forms and colours. Many abstract art artists belonging to orphism, suprematism, constructivism or Stijl's group emerged from this artistic trend. 

Later, minimalist art pushed to the extreme limits the theories and ideas exposed through the different movements of abstraction. In real avant-garde style, no technique is ruled out by abstract art artists. They paint, paste, photograph, build, deconstruct, sculpt, write and theorize to express and manifest their new thinking.

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Siri Knoepffler

71 works

Roseline Al Oumami

162 works

Constance de Maistre

21 works

Éric Brocherie

14 works

Jacques Beun

65 works

Jérôme Pergolesi

34 works

Natalia Ostapenko

25 works

Christian DUGArdeyn

134 works

Nathalie Dumontier

99 works

Clara Crespin

182 works

Luc Villard

27 works

Laure Polin

66 works

Dmitrieva Daria

50 works

Brigitte Paradon

36 works

Marie Christine PALOMBIT

49 works

Thomas Delalande

38 works

Ludovic Mercher

29 works

Aline Wiest

82 works

Marina Vandra

12 works

Eugen Dick

77 works

Chris Pillot

37 works

Régine Pivier-Attolini

81 works

Stéphane Cattaneo

534 works

Claire Biette

136 works


167 works

Giovanni Gelmi

17 works

Morgan Bisoux

24 works

Jivko Sedlarski

66 works

Evgeniya Zolotareva

40 works

Camille Tardif

45 works

Claudie Gimeno

87 works

Brigitte Dravet

11 works

Philippe Buil

158 works

Maria Esmar

247 works

Cathy Bion

22 works

Alexandra Chauchereau

108 works

Christine Guichard

79 works

Florent Lubienicki

25 works


77 works

Françoise Chadelas

157 works

Barbara Piatti

296 works

Valérie Chrétien

99 works

Antonin Lamoot

29 works


37 works

Hervé Carriou

82 works


260 works

Catherine Fouvry Leblois

41 works

Magali Marmet

54 works

Thomas Gigot

42 works

Sven Pfrommer

520 works

Michel Debully

124 works

Marc Mugnier

65 works

Virginie Bécourt

30 works

Loïc Saulin / SOL7

21 works

Sophie Bocher

31 works

Pierre-Louis Acciari

23 works

Stéphanie de Malherbe

46 works

Benedicte Gele

228 works

Larisa Ilieva

26 works

Fanou Montel

74 works


116 works

Nathalie Leverger

40 works

Remi Delaplace

108 works

Jean-Pierre Picheny

63 works

Viviane Beaufumé

167 works

Solen Floch

15 works

Sophie Cantou

59 works

Antonin Anzil

23 works

Geert Heirbaut - Kowalsky Days

45 works

Altone Mishino

114 works

Jean Christophe Tramblay

26 works

Anne Iris

113 works

Franck Chambrun

15 works

Bruno Houdayer

48 works

Nadine Hardy

153 works


164 works

Jean-Marc Martinez

131 works

Berta Sesé

24 works

Pierre Dessein

35 works


58 works

Bernard Métranve

38 works

Marie Pernet

12 works

Cyrille Borgnet Dupont

29 works

Morgan Paslier

361 works


97 works

Gérard Taillandier

96 works

Anaïs Frébeau

28 works

Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine

14 works

Jérôme Sainte Rose

23 works

Laurent Jargot

29 works


25 works

Gaël Rouxeville

46 works

Tatiana Ivchenkova

229 works

Adeline Meilliez

26 works

Marianne Quinzin

94 works


30 works

Sylvia Baldeva

438 works

Emilie Moysson

71 works

Yu Zhao

126 works

Clarisse Friedmann

36 works

Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic

85 works

Aykaz Arzumanyan

83 works

Zeynep Perinçek

156 works

Aude Mouillot

73 works

Réjane LeChat

97 works

sophie DUMONT

146 works

Muriel Buthier-Chartrain

178 works

Thierry Boitier

70 works

Nathalie Maquet

38 works


59 works

Bérénice Rosie

15 works

Isabelle Mispelon

92 works

Ines Khadraoui

114 works


95 works

Catherine Maddens

55 works

STAS (Stanislav Dyshlov)

79 works


173 works

Thibault Lepeudry

500 works

Sigrid M

50 works

Eva Gohier

101 works

Billy Dust

16 works

Magalie Ors

92 works

Patrick Deby

95 works

Frédéric Hoang

34 works


588 works

Chantal Jaffrain

49 works

Yannick Bouillault

141 works

Jack Dufour

33 works

Pascal Sentenac

14 works

Aurélien Bigot

7 works

LN Le Cheviller

536 works

Chantal Parise

89 works

Ronald Hunter

280 works

Julien Chazal

29 works

Richard Vildeman

52 works

Pierre Muckensturm

26 works

Diane de Cicco

68 works

Sophie Gaiardo

86 works

Lucie De Saint

78 works

Didier Goessens

217 works

Sylwia Avola

58 works

Uraraka Matsuzawa

52 works

Claudio Missagia

102 works

Tanya Angelova

76 works

Pierre Calogero

143 works

Clémentine Vauchelet

80 works

Marta Grassi

87 works

ian palmer

145 works

Claire Jombart

68 works

Jérôme Poumès

143 works


71 works

Sandrine Aléhaux

25 works


10 works

Anne Bidaut

28 works

Carine Moreau (MOCAS)

0 works

Alexandre M. Rockefeller

29 works

Sybille M

7 works

Suely Blot

149 works

Robert Einbeck

19 works

Eric Ouaknine

61 works

Lucile Travert

52 works