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Expressionism Artists

Line and colour become expressive. But how? If this doesn’t seem possible to you then think again. Our artists, gathered here, present their work and pictorial research in the lineage and continuity of modern expressionist artists. Take advantage of KAZoART’s selection to rediscover the expressiveness in art.

Famous modern expressionism artists

Expressionist painters and artists gathered at the beginning of the 20th century around two main groups: Die Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter. The first of these groups is made up of expressionist painters and visual artists Erich Heckel, Otto Dix, George Grosz, Emil Nolde and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. These expressionism artists address painful and dark themes in their paintings such as the anguish of death and the apathy of violence. They do not paint what they see, but what they feel by transforming the reality of the figures they represent. 

In contrast, the second group of modern expressionism artists whose leading figures are Franz Marc, Vasily Kandinsky and Auguste Macke favoured colour and its power over the human psyche as the incarnation of emotion.

It should be noted that none of these groups would certainly have been possible without the creativity and pictorial research of two eminent expressionist painters: Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Münch.

Expressionism: its definitions, mediums and techniques

Expressionism, a German artistic trend, appeared in the 20th century among artists who decided to no longer represent reality as it was but as they perceived it. It is therefore sensations, moods and exultations that will guide the hand of modern expressionist artists.

Whether by form, motif or colour, these artists seek to express, contest and visually transmit a strong emotion to the person contemplating the work. Even if the canvas remains the favourite medium of expressionist painters , expressionism is not reduced to a single technique and can come to life in painting, sculpture and literature.

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Marina Del Pozo

435 works

Sandrine Lemoigne

18 works


8 works

Christian DUGArdeyn

134 works

Frank Schroeder

11 works

Hélène Vallas

89 works

François Pagé

495 works

Clara Crespin

182 works

Cécile Duchêne-Malissin

124 works

Amandyne Steropês

143 works

Veronique Egloff

73 works

Khaled Alkhani

38 works

Aline Wiest

82 works

Evelyn Kuwertz

19 works

Dimitris Pavlopoulos

21 works

Régine Pivier-Attolini

81 works

Stéphane Cattaneo

534 works

Claire Biette

136 works


167 works

Antony Squizzato

36 works

Henri Matisse

14 works

Ho My An

122 works

Romain Bonnet

120 works

Claudie Gimeno

87 works

Maria Esmar

247 works

Alexandra Chauchereau

108 works

Françoise Chadelas

157 works

Nadine Defer

116 works

Egon Schiele

11 works

Barbara Piatti

296 works

Valérie Chrétien

99 works

Hervé Carriou

82 works

Magali Marmet

54 works

Nathan Chantob

93 works


11 works

Olivier Boissinot

141 works


158 works

Hélène Courtois-Redouté

90 works

Bernard Marie Collet

50 works

Pierre-Louis Acciari

23 works

jean-jacques Piezanowski

31 works

Luc de Moustier

9 works

Philippe Nicolaï

99 works

The Hyde's Asylum

38 works

Isabelle Becker

19 works

Fabien Delaube

81 works

Benedicte Gele

228 works

Remi Delaplace

108 works

Viviane Beaufumé

167 works

Pierre-Bernard COGNEIN

15 works

db Waterman

94 works

Solen Floch

15 works

Sophie Cantou

59 works

Geert Heirbaut - Kowalsky Days

45 works

Jean Christophe Tramblay

26 works

Anne Iris

113 works

Florent Cordier

79 works

Jean-Noël Le Junter

106 works

Pierre Dessein

35 works

Rodolphe Martinez

83 works


117 works

Marie-Thérèse Tsalapatanis

100 works


97 works

Pascal Marlin

457 works

Valérie Le Meur

131 works

François Sahuc

126 works

Marie-Hélène Carcanague

57 works

Tatiana Ivchenkova

229 works

Boris Davy

57 works

Adeline Meilliez

26 works

Marianne Quinzin

94 works

Sylvia Baldeva

438 works

Clarisse Friedmann

36 works

Patrice Coudun

15 works

Nathalie Lemaitre

169 works

Dominique Emard

63 works

Aude Mouillot

73 works

sophie DUMONT

146 works

Hanna Sidorowicz

56 works

Arnaud Franc

31 works

Muriel Buthier-Chartrain

178 works

Ines Khadraoui

114 works

Catherine Maddens

55 works


173 works

Thibault Lepeudry

500 works

Eva Gohier

101 works

Magalie Ors

92 works


588 works

Olga Novokhatska

88 works

LN Le Cheviller

536 works

Pierre Richir

58 works

Richard Vildeman

52 works

Lucie De Saint

78 works

Didier Goessens

217 works

Adeline Weber Guibal

54 works

Ingrid Stübinger

6 works

Pascal Milcendeau

90 works

Sébastien Grenier

47 works

Walter Ciandrini

189 works

Tanya Angelova

76 works

Claire Jombart

68 works

Martine Le Bidan

88 works

Pierre Carret

38 works

Claire Mériel

57 works

Suely Blot

149 works

Robert Einbeck

19 works

Lucile Travert

52 works

Pascal Langevin

35 works


14 works


23 works


26 works

Bernadette Goerger

85 works

Jérôme Bouchez

18 works

Patrick Brière

108 works

Sébastien Brunel

16 works


20 works

Véronique Fievre

6 works

Aude Billerot

133 works

Tom Sam

20 works

Albane Roux

27 works

Catherine Hoang

44 works

Henri Lamy

26 works

Geneviève Penloup

12 works

Liz Mosa

10 works

Pierre Ziegler

41 works

François Cognet

174 works

Jean De Cluni

13 works

Adeline GAFFEZ

108 works

Stephane Halbout

16 works

Cristina Migliorini-Busato

49 works

Béatrice Grandjean

32 works

Hélène Grébeauval

34 works

Myriam Eyann

54 works

Gilles Konop

151 works


15 works

Nadine Fievet

18 works

Nathalie Pruneau

43 works

Guillaume Larroque

37 works

Véronique Chanel

18 works

Kerstin Paillard

26 works

Corine Pagny

10 works

Charles Pasino

31 works

Géraldine Poulain

15 works

Pascale White

95 works

Christiane Rancelot

4 works

Guillaume Rist

27 works

Lea Lydie Lefebvre

27 works

Axel van Zyl

29 works

Bernard Pons

10 works

Françoise Bellière

21 works


35 works

Christine Barres

25 works

Patrick Simkins

16 works


133 works

Betty D'Herde

56 works

Jérôme Sorolla Palisses-save

10 works

Louise Fritsch

64 works

Vincent Verdeguer

36 works

Antonino Puliafico

278 works

Alain Gegout

65 works

Victorine Follana

73 works

Rémi Jouandet

76 works


56 works


16 works


25 works


61 works

Tal Waldman / Talva D

22 works

Nadja Holland

14 works

Michel de Gouttes

459 works

Steph Goodger

18 works

Jean-Baptiste Loyrette

77 works

Philippe Viejo

51 works

Philippe Marlats

118 works

Catherine Villa

18 works


11 works

Elisabeth Laplante

66 works

Misha Sydorenko

42 works