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Contemporary Painters

Contemporary artist painting brings together various techniques of oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media, which is a combination of many different mediums. Even well into the 21st century, artist painting remains the most widely used artistic medium in art history. Discover the contemporary painters of KAZoART who choose to use it as a means of expression.

Famous Masters of Painting and Famous Contemporary Painters 

David, Van Eyck, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Ingres, Delacroix, De Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Turner, Picasso, Morisot, Chagall, Dali, Braque, Gauguin, and Van Gogh are all internationally known and recognised painters. But why and how do their works stand the test of time? Talent is essential but it is not the only deciding factor that ties together art history. 

Contemporary painters bring a new vision to art by purposefully disturbing the visual habits of the spectator and refusing to follow the artistic traditions of the time. The painters who will leave their mark will be those who constantly seek to renew themselves, daring to start from scratch and rewrite history

As part of a movement and style specific to their time (i.e. neo-classical, realist,etc.), contemporary painters sought to revolutionise and redefine genres, through artistic painting. At the same time, they had to be attentive to the social constructs of their time, in the broadest sense of the word, while keeping an enlightened and visionary mind.

Painting: its supports, its techniques, its movements

Watercolour is undoubtedly the oldest of all and remains the most widely used in the world by artists (used by Leonardo da Vinci, Eugene Delacroix and Albrecht Dürer). It experienced a resurgence in the 19th century thanks to painters such as William Turner, Paul Sisley and Carl Larsson. 

Oil painting is long considered to be the noblest of techniques when it comes to artist painting, and was widely used from the Renaissance to the present day, crossing periods and movements (realistic, impressionist, romantic, cubist, surrealist). 

Acrylic paint appeared in the 20th century and changed contemporary painting as we know it due to its ability to dry rapidly and the wide range of colours in which it was available. It was a great success with the Pop-Art artists and gradually replaced the oil technique.

Whatever the technique used, the canvas remains contemporary painters’ preferred medium, even though fresco paintings stayed in style until the 20th century. It is precisely in the 20th century that famous contemporary painters who were part of the cubists, dadaists, surrealists, etc. began mixing techniques and gradually abandoned the canvas in favour of other mediums (wood, paper, metal, objects, etc.).

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Siri Knoepffler

71 works

Guillaume Querré

41 works

Marina Del Pozo

435 works

Roseline Al Oumami

162 works

Constance de Maistre

21 works

Chloé Malard

32 works

Sandrine Lemoigne

18 works

Natalia Ostapenko

25 works

Alice Roy

154 works

Misako Street Art

95 works

Benoît Montet

95 works


8 works

Vincent Bardou

258 works

Christian DUGArdeyn

134 works

Hugo Pondz

68 works

Mathieu Trezel

86 works

Frank Schroeder

11 works

Sylvie Julkowski-Egard

108 works


10 works

Chloé Tiravy

18 works

Nathalie Dumontier

99 works

Alain Rolland

82 works

François Pagé

495 works


439 works

Pierre Wuillaume

76 works

Clara Crespin

182 works

Cécile Duchêne-Malissin

124 works

Daniel Berkovitch

28 works

Luc Villard

27 works

Franck Oscamou

43 works

Georges DUMAS

166 works

Elie Rizkallah

17 works

Amandyne Steropês

143 works

Dmitrieva Daria

50 works

Hervé Bonsard

10 works

Orazio Barbagallo

61 works

Brigitte Paradon

36 works

Anne Brerot

25 works

Marie Christine PALOMBIT

49 works

James MacKeown

44 works

Thomas Delalande

38 works

Flore Betty

268 works

Veronique Egloff

73 works

Ludovic Mercher

29 works

Khaled Alkhani

38 works

Aline Wiest

82 works

Evelyn Kuwertz

19 works

Marina Vandra

12 works

Eugen Dick

77 works

Chris Pillot

37 works

Dimitris Pavlopoulos

21 works

Tatiana Yastrebova

17 works

Régine Pivier-Attolini

81 works

Stéphane Cattaneo

534 works

Claire Biette

136 works


167 works

Antony Squizzato

36 works

Morgan Bisoux

24 works

Jivko Sedlarski

66 works

Sabine Rusch

40 works

Ho My An

122 works

Evgeniya Zolotareva

40 works

Camille Tardif

45 works

Claudie Gimeno

87 works

Sally Lancaster

15 works

Brigitte Dravet

11 works

Maria Esmar

247 works

Franck Le Boulicaut

112 works

Alexandra Chauchereau

108 works

Pascaline Lopez

15 works

Christine Guichard

79 works

Florent Lubienicki

25 works

Cisco - Art2cisco

38 works


77 works

Diane Garcès de Marcilla

21 works

Armel Jullien

37 works

Laurent Minguet

11 works

Nadine Defer

116 works

Jonathan Ouisse

28 works


36 works


298 works

Barbara Piatti

296 works

Valérie Chrétien

99 works

Laurent Botella

41 works

Antonin Lamoot

29 works

Odile Faure

24 works

Jenna Delattre

19 works

MC Garbage

40 works

Hervé Carriou

82 works


260 works

Amanda Rackowe

27 works

Magali Marmet

54 works

Guiome David

61 works

Olivier Desvaux

13 works

Arthur Djoroukhian

16 works

Yan Vita

28 works

Nathan Chantob

93 works

Alain Voinot

119 works


33 works

Olivier Boissinot

141 works

Sven Pfrommer

520 works


167 works

Bernard Fièvre

24 works

Dr. Draw

16 works

Khaled morad

46 works

Marc Mugnier

65 works

Loïc Saulin / SOL7

21 works


158 works

Hélène Courtois-Redouté

90 works

Bernard Marie Collet

50 works

Pierre-Louis Acciari

23 works

Patrick Santoni

69 works

jean-jacques Piezanowski

31 works

Clotilde Nadel

72 works

Stéphanie de Malherbe

46 works


103 works

Hélène Vac

52 works

Philippe Nicolaï

99 works

The Hyde's Asylum

38 works

Jérôme Mesnager

10 works

Isabelle Becker

19 works

Fabien Delaube

81 works

Benedicte Gele

228 works

James Earley

69 works

Larisa Ilieva

26 works

Fanou Montel

74 works

Nadine Pillon

26 works

Nathalie Leverger

40 works

Remi Delaplace

108 works


25 works

Viviane Beaufumé

167 works

db Waterman

94 works

Caroline Mercier

11 works

Solen Floch

15 works

Astrid Steenbrink

33 works

Sophie Cantou

59 works

Anne Baudequin

213 works


88 works

Geert Heirbaut - Kowalsky Days

45 works

Walter Scott

15 works

Altone Mishino

114 works

Valérie Auriel

75 works

Jean Christophe Tramblay

26 works

Anne Iris

113 works

Brigitte Di Scala

139 works

Florent Cordier

79 works

Mélanie Pasquier

33 works

Franck Chambrun

15 works

Nadine Hardy