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Print Artists

Not all works of art have to be 100% unique. Some of them can be printed in several copies. However, these prints must be numbered and signed by the artist. Discover the KAZoART print artists who present their work in limited edition copies of 30 or less!

Famous Print Artists 

Undoubtedly the most famous among the screen printing artists  is Andy Warhol. The Pop Art leader produced portraits of Marilyn Monroe in series using silkscreen printing on a large scale. Another artist who contributed to the democratization of this technique is Roy Lichtenstein, who also regularly uses this mechanical process to produce in large numbers. 

In addition to silkscreen printing, limited editions include engraving, prints or lithography. The latter is also praised by Picasso and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec who sought to produce their original works in several art prints. 

Digital technology is taking an increasingly prominent place on the art market and print artists are now investing in new technologies to create their works. The digital process makes it possible to obtain high-quality digital prints and reproduce them quickly, which represents a significant time saver for an artist.

Prints: their techniques and advantages

Silkscreen printing was first introduced in China before becoming established in the United States in the 19th century and then in Europe in the 20th century. It was not until the 1920s that the first silkscreen printing appeared in Berlin, where Kodloff and Biegelsein called the technique "Siebdruck". Using stencils, manual or automatic screen printing make it possible to obtain copies on a large scale.

Considerable progress in the field of printing has made it possible to develop new production techniques. Lithography consists in printing a drawing on paper, using a press (a machine intended for typographic printing), drawn with oily ink on a limestone. 

Engraving involves cutting or digging a material with a sharp tool, in relief or in hollow. It also aims to reproduce an image by printing or typing.

The limited edition, because of its multiplicity, has the advantage of being less expensive than a single original work. However, for it to be considered as a work of art in its own right, it must be limited to 30 copies. The print artists’ numbering and signature are then mandatory in order to certify the authorship of an art print or a digital print.

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