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Surrealism Artists

We have gathered here our surrealism artists, who followed in the footsteps of André Masson, André Breton and Max Ernst, to help you discover their magical and strange world. Thanks to KAZoART and its  surrealist painters, you will discover a mysterious and enigmatic world. A word of advice: never cease to let yourself be amazed by these surrealism artists

Famous Surrealism Artists

If Surrealism is still so well known today and is regularly the subject of numerous exhibitions, it is thanks to the talents of the artists who were able to use their creativity to create singular and inventive works. Let us mention some of the greatest of these surrealism artists: André Breton, Max Ernst, Man Ray, André Masson, Oscar Dominguez, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Victor Brauner and René Magritte.

Surrealism: its definitions, mediums and techniques

Surrealism is an artistic movement that emerged after the First World War in France in the 1920s. Faced with the horror that overwhelmed Europe during these years of war, the artist sought to rebuild himself through Surrealist Work, which conveyed positive values, unlike his Dadaist negationist contemporaries.

Their main challenge and objective was to find that which was wonderful amongst that which was horrible. In this way, artists sublimate the psychic and imaginary world of man, in which they see in it a reservoir of unsuspected infinite resources. First literary, this movement was extended to art by those we now know as surrealism artists. 

Inspired by the theories of Freudian psychoanalysis, surrealism artists were fascinated by the capacities of the mind - just as surrealist writers who advocated the liberation of the mind. They apply the principles of stream of consciousness writing (liberation from desire, non-control of thought, etc.). Rubbing, collage, radiography, and decals became the main techniques used by surrealist painters and sculptors.

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Jacques Beun

65 works

Jérôme Pergolesi

34 works

Mathilde Oscar

32 works

Hélène Vallas

89 works

François Pagé

495 works

Cécile Duchêne-Malissin

124 works

Georges DUMAS

166 works

Flore Betty

268 works

Polo Perrier

49 works

Stéphane Cattaneo

534 works

Romain Bonnet

120 works

Françoise Chadelas

157 works

Jonathan Ouisse

28 works


37 works

Vilma Leino

18 works

Bernard Fièvre

24 works

Olive Santaoloria

28 works

Dr. Draw

16 works

Luca Izzo

55 works

Lionel Le Jeune

49 works


103 works


116 works

db Waterman

94 works

Marc Brousse

21 works


88 works

Walter Scott

15 works

Mélanie Pasquier

33 works

Bruno Houdayer

48 works


164 works

Régis Bodinier

57 works

Gaëlle Cueff

55 works

Julien Sama

16 works

Morgan Paslier

361 works

Steve Drevet

73 works

Pascal Marlin

457 works


10 works

Jérôme Sainte Rose

23 works


42 works

Tatiana Ivchenkova

229 works

Christophe Dacos

37 works

Emilie Moysson

71 works

Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic

85 works

Thalie B. Vernet

95 works

Thibault Lepeudry

500 works

Norberto Moretti

16 works

Yannick Bouillault

141 works


11 works

Alex Saman

62 works

LN Le Cheviller

536 works

Salvador Dali

8 works

Adeline Weber Guibal

54 works

Sébastien Grenier

47 works

Clémentine Vauchelet

80 works

Marta Grassi

87 works

Jérôme Poumès

143 works


5 works


63 works

Nicolas Mithois

23 works


16 works

Jean-Marc Angelini

168 works

Jacques Ibert

13 works

Yves Pagart

29 works

Florent Chretien 8

16 works

Ramona Russu

27 works

Liz Mosa

10 works

Adeline GAFFEZ

108 works


65 works

Laure Pascual

17 works

Stanislas Ledoux

94 works

Isabelle Chambon

47 works

Julie Balsaux

96 works

Célia Debras

10 works


52 works

Audrey Rouvin

15 works


29 works

Louise Fritsch

64 works

Rong Guo

20 works

Julie Peiffer

36 works

Christian Clausier

79 works

Anna Shumanskaia

20 works

Michel de Gouttes

459 works

Nathalie Ramirez

11 works

Jesús Tejedor

57 works

Emmanuelle Mason

76 works

Elodie Ef

28 works


64 works

Christophe Moulinier

8 works

Jacques Decobecq

29 works

Emilie Lagarde

43 works

Pierre Schwartz

56 works

Cindy Nikolic

95 works

Adrien Porcu Deiana

31 works

Franck Guedj

30 works

Sophie Garapon

54 works

Emmanuelle Carrad

35 works

Emilie Benard

12 works

Jean-Charles Ouvrard

69 works

Bertrand Joliet

113 works


8 works


10 works

Jean Turco

243 works

Chloé Coislier

23 works


57 works

Delphine Constant

28 works


66 works

Laurence Hochin

83 works

Sophie Lormeau

41 works

Patricia Blondel

85 works

Delphine Dessein

154 works

Frédérique Girin

213 works

Marie-Fa Lazzari

96 works

Franck Claudon

57 works

Romaric Chachay

20 works


30 works