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Fire dance

One of a kind work
180 W x 140 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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One of a kind work
180 W x 140 H cm
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Sold with a certificate of authenticity

This is a collage made on the one hand from the artist's own shots, mainly gleaned from the Somme valley and the Pyrenees. Any surface, any natural expression (shattered rocks, intertwined rivers and/or the scaffolding of a malicious trunk, etc.) that offers Cedric Urbaniak the richness of his textures, his graphic potential is, with a merciless greed, photographed, drawn and finally redrawn to participate in the ultimate dance of the composition.

The title of the piece is legitimate by the whitish entity that spreads out on the panels of the triptych, in fact several photographs of an amadouvier - a mushroom from which the amadou is derived and which has been used as fuel by man since Prehistoric times.

Gluing glued on expanded PVC sheets.

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Cédric Urbaniak


KAZoART artist since 2019

Confirmed Artist Confirmed Artist

After a course in Art History and Modern Letters, I spent 12 years on the roads, a backpack, a tent for a palace. But I lived mainly in the woods, mountain ranges, steppes, etc., in Norway, Finland, Mongolia, Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Southwest China, Alaska and Canada, Indonesia and Ladakh (Indian Himalayas). While immersed in these different natural environments, I was more and more sensitive to the richness of the textures of mud, rocks, bark, etc., and in general, to the ability of the material to reinvent its incarnations. In addition to the teachings that come from living outside the circle of one's birth, it is through daily contact with this multiplicity of biotopes and these elementary forces that I have been tempted to summon them to surfaces. Exercises of celebration of matter, perhaps these collages are only vain but irrepressible attempts to express a certain religiosity - in the sense of religare, which links (cf. Hölderlin : "Aren't all the living of your family?") - and that these worlds haunted by the manifestations of the world are their magmatic transposition vomited by the desire to still enjoy the wealth of the living.

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