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Patricia BlondelÉveil de la couleur

One of a kind work
76 W x 51 H x 1 D cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Ink drawing
One of a kind work
76 W x 51 H x 1 D cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

The vibration creates in us the movement of awakening and contemplation.

Principle of Vibration :

"nothing rests; everything stirs; everything vibrates". The Kybalion.

Patricia explores the vibration of water with her Tibetan bowls.

The water is then scattered on the support with a positive and benevolent thought.

The color is then added to the water path thus traced.

Work realized after meditation on title n°06 Suite "Hommage À El Anka" (Azawan).

artist avatar
Patricia Blondel

KAZoART artist since 2018

47 works sold

79 works

Born in Constance (Germany) in 1962, Patricia has spent her free time since childhood between drawing and painting. A decisive meeting at the college with his drawing teacher of Vietnamese origin marked his desire to make it his profession. His technique creates the illusion of everyday life immersed in a fantastic imaginary world where reality turns into dreams. The keystone being the geometry that carries the whole picture, especially for those of aquatic inspiration. Water, this recurring theme in her home where, as if by magic, faces, animals, objects become drops, splashes, projections... Equipped with a sketchbook from which she never separates, she walks the streets, the seashores, the ancient cities in search of a sound, a look, a color. Back in her studio, she then prepares a drawing, a future aquatic or abstract imaginary work; Then comes the long-awaited moment of the encounter, sometimes very fusional of colors and her hands on the canvas where she looks for the right tone. Patience becomes his ally. Using the glazing technique, she arranges here and there, in an order known only to her, myriads of drops of water that come like precious stones to illuminate her subject. Currently Patricia exhibits in major international exhibitions and galleries abroad: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, China, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal Japan. In 2016 the city of BONDY acquired one of these "Libra" paintings

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