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Marc BrousseUrban archive

Confirmed artist
From a limited edition of 50
110 W x 75 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Mixed media
Limited edition of 50
110 W x 75 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

"In this urban library, the seasons pass and the city collapses. During a reading, the streets become blank pages again or darken under the erasures of the layers of architecture."

Numbered prints.

artist avatar
Marc Brousse
Confirmed artist

KAZoART artist since 2020

21 works

"Life is a line, thought is a line, every line is a vision of space and the world." The artist approaches from this hypothesis a research work on the line, the power of its soul in the mechanisms of spatial composition, to see the evolution of an infinitesimal abstract construction towards a movement forming a space, a figurative perimeter. Marc thus deploys a new artistic language called traitillism by reinterpreting a technique initiated by Paul Clodel Cochard, juxtaposed with the codes of architectural representations to reveal the intimate relationship that exists between Man, his Architecture and that of Nature. The first visible influence results from the artist's fascination with the art of building, the history of civilizations, religions and myths. Through his works, the artist tends to generate urban poetry at different scales of reading, from cities to intriguing architectures and offbeat symbolic components. "The line is between two moments". The line represents a quantity of time, describing a movement. Thus the eye that fixes the line captures time and gives it form. This makes it possible to transpose the architectural and urban organism (like a living organism) to different scales of readings and to transform measurements into imaginations. Thus Marc binds, rhythms and juxtaposes the line infinitely to deploy figures generating a series of metamorphoses, allegories inflecting with our preconceived ideas, based on reason and normality. "Each city, urban artefact is a unique 'species'". During his travels, the artist has noticed that cultural and architectural development follows the epigenetic concept. "Each city is a unique organism in the sense that its juxtaposition of lines and built-up spaces constitute the epigenetic program of that place." Epigenesis - as a principle of development where each building not only echoes the existing environment but adds something new and dynamic to the city. Since 2019, Marc has been exploring different mediums in collaboration with other artists (Sculpture, Stone Engravings, Video, Writings, Sound Composition) always with the aim of revealing the fundamental values of our environment such as architecture, the nature city which form the basis of a vector of social relationship and unification.

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