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Dream n°4

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One of a kind work | Framed and Ready to Hang
99 x 69 cm
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Mixed media
One of a kind work
99 x 69 cm
Yes (103 x 73 cm)
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Sold with a certificate of authenticity

The "Directed Chance" series.

This dreamlike series of small and medium size drawings explores the relationship between chaos and order, highlighting a process of "directed chance" in my gestures, between control and letting go. A movement that questions the place of chance and the subconscious as a tool for creation.

The final drawing is woven of both unpredictable subconscious actions and controlled actions in a new order with possible new relationships between the two forces. Inspired by the spiritual dimension of determinism, kinesthetic calligraphy and stochastic art, the boundaries between the sacred and the profane are explored using an intuitive and symbolic language.The use of gold refers to the sacred arts of enlightenment and my past studies of miniature painting in India.

This painting named "Dream 4" explores the state of reverie, is drawn on Wenzhou rice paper. Using a special technique that the artist has developed, the ink on Wenzhou paper amplifies the texture and invites exploration of detail, creating a sense of interiority and intimacy, as if we were looking at a scene on a cellular level.

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Tal Waldman / Talva D

Renowned Artist Renowned Artist

4 fans

Aubervilliers (93), France

20 works

Tal Waldman is a polymorphic artist who uses different mediums: sculpture, drawing, painting, installation. She mobilizes all possible means to explore the signs and symbols of the universe.

Her artistic creation focuses on experiments with natural expressive qualities of different media, where new emotions emerge from the technique, the medium, and her gestures. She is inspired by the way Picasso always changed media and took advantage of their expressions and Max Ernst's experimental research with 'frottage'.

"I create together with my body, with my material and not only from my ideas, so I must respect and recognize the contribution of these materials for the act of creation, because each medium generates particular emotions. If I open myself up to their influences I allow myself to be surprised by their effects. In other words, I open myself to the unknown, to the invisible by this confidence in the process. "

Her protean works, often in series, inspires on the different cultures she encountered during her residencies and her studies in art and architecture in Israel, India, Germany, Greece and Paris where she lives. Her many travels and encounters - across the Australian continent, Asia, America and Europe continue to nourish her practice as well as her inspiration.

Motivated by a strong personal story, she explores her identity as a mother, woman and immigrant, where themes such as immigration, identity and collective memory, mindfulness and sustainability are explored beyond her personal story. This is the case of "Embroidered Memories" (2012_2016) which explores the themes of uprooting, identity and collective memories; as well as in "The mother-woman duality - stained glass 3D" (2016-2018).

In recent years, Tal has started to embed mindfulness into her artwork as a living experience. This is the case in "Directed Randomness" (2017-2019), "Golden scars" (2019-2020), "Alphabet" (2019-2020) and now the ongoing collaborative project "Visualizing the Invisible" (2020).

Winner of several awards, her work is regularly exhibited internationally: Museum of Art and Industry ‘La Piscine’, Roubaix; MPP Museum, Rixheim; Museum of Art History, Colombes; Autumn Fair ; The Madeleine Church and sevral galleries. Committed to an environmental approach and a member of the international Art and Society movement, her work was presented in 2017 at the World Congress of Humanities in Liège.

-'Tal Waldman Directed Randomness - Such stuff as dreams are made on'
".... Tal showcases her visually stunning series, Directed Randomness (Hasard Dirigé), which explores the relationship between control and chaos, whereby transformation is an integral element of her work. In the face of worldwide dread and anxiety for the future, the beauty, sophistication and elegance of her eudaemonic designs are a much-needed panacea for us all......"
-Arts Hebdo Medias (11 October 2019) by Samantha Daman 'between control and letting go with Tal Waldman' "......After having carried out several experimental and collaborative projects alongside artisans – one of them, Mémoires brodées (2012-2016), also included the participation of a journalist and a photographer, the artist has been developing for some time a more intimate research, refocused on drawing and questioning in particular the place of hasard and the subconscious as creative tools. The result of this new exploratory work, her Hasard Directed series will be exhibited from November 6 to 30 at the gallery L’Entrée des Artistes, in Paris..." 

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