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Alain RouschmeyerLa coccinelle

Confirmed artist
From a limited edition of 14
20 W x 20 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Pencil drawing
Limited edition of 14
20 W x 20 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

LA COCCINELLE - 2022 - bic and watercolor drawing on 300 gr HAHNEMÜHLE paper - unframed

Carefully sent with the certificate of authenticity and the certificate of international deposit.

The drawing represents a young boy admiring and contemplating the path of a ladybug on his fingers. His curled up posture shows his special attention to this popular insect and we can guess how much he wishes to prolong this moment of complicity.

Alain Rouschmeyer
Confirmed artist
  • 44 works

Alain Rouschmeyer studied at the Beaux-Arts of Metz, graduated from the School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg and graduated from the National School of Architecture of Lyon. He is an artist since his childhood, architect by training and urban sketcher by passion. He is a painter of the living drawing his source in the real. He paints mainly on medium format canvas like windows open on a flamboyant universe. As a keen observer of the world, he analyzes the wandering of the human being in the spaces he crosses and his postures. This active approach allows him to capture the essence that animates the everyday and to extract an inspiring poetry.

His artistic itinerary invites him to work on architecture in which he likes to reflect on living spaces and the transversalities that define their uses. Like a poet analyst, Alain Rouschmeyer's work navigates between reality and intimacy, revealing attachment and detachment according to a conscious will. He explores the hidden dimension of an everyday life that never ceases to call out to us like jazz music or warm blues.

Improvisation remains an important aspect of his artistic language. The rhythm, the counterpoint and the search for harmony support a free, vibrant and spontaneous painting. The painter manages to give echo to the sounds of our lives. The romanticism of which he fully assumes the contemporary and timeless translation inhabits the support as an involved space. Between experience of reality and fantasized images, the artist touches us by his proximity and the sensitivity of his works.

Interpreting, scripting, as if to better define the fields of possibility between inside and outside. This dimension which questions the inside and the outside, the self and the others, the order and the disorder, the full and the empty or the image and the history.

Like an exacerbated passion, the composition is an integral part of his work and makes him complicit in making the subject inhabit its support by involving it in its format. Like an unfinished lace, between classicism and timelessness, we are invited to appropriate living spaces in connection with our walks. The stroll, the walk is a suspended moment where we find ourselves to better lose ourselves on the paths of thought. It is this moment that the painter manages to retain in his paintings.

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