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Georges DrumezAutre-visage (série : entre-autres)

One of a kind work
50 W x 65 H cm
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Pencil drawing
One of a kind work
50 W x 65 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Everything started with a look, a whirl of intersecting lines... From there a face appeared, a part of it, an appearance, a disappearance. Placed on a trunk, a stem, roots, a weave, a crossbreeding where everything is allowed. This drawing comes from the series "entre-autres". It starts in summer 2019. They are executed with the strict minimum, just an impulse of freedom of thought and movement. Strange drawing, carnal and organic, vegetal... Series about the desire to be with all its differences, in search of the freedom to exist... among others! Drawing with a black bic on paper.

Georges Drumez
  • KAZoART artist since 2018
  • 13 works

Georges Drumez is a visual artist based in Marseille. Fascinated by the "side" of drawing and painting, by the stains, deposits, drips or traces, by the energy and dazzling nature of the accident, Georges DRUMEZ has developed over the years a process of improvisation, in which each drawing instinctively unrolls the thread of an interest in a line, a form, a sign... It seeks to print on paper the trace of a moment of pure presence to the gesture and the material, and to share a moment where the reflection stops but not the vital momentum. This work takes the form of abstract or figurative drawings in bic - or using a mixed technique that mixes bic and acrylic - most often monochrome or bicolour, on which appear a multitude of lines, broken or continuous lines, saturated or dilated volumes, recurring signs or repeated patterns. Questions of rhythm and movement (pressure, direction...) that testify to the moment of their creation, on a thread stretched between control and chaos. Sometimes, at the turn of these paths and in the volumes sculpted by these accumulations of lines and features, an organic figure appears, often ambiguous, which freely offers itself to the viewer’s interpretation.

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