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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
88 x 120 cm
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Third part of the series of the same name.

"I painted this painting in the summer of 2018. The sun, the heat, the melons and the watermelons gave me the unconscious desire to put bright colors. The metamorphosis of the lettering of my artist name "Jekle" contrasts with the two or three usual forms when I sign a work of art with my tag or in "vandal" mode when I paint it in repetition.

The background is "grunge", all in spontaneity and improvisation while the tag is detailed and reworked. Contrast is at the heart of my work because it is the opposition that interests me in painting. Nothing is white or grey and opposites attract to create, the mixture creates a more subtle beauty." - Jekle

artist avatar

Jérôme Cohé

52 fans

Drancy (93), France

25 works

Cohé has been drawing since he was a child. He said he must have been born on a box of pencils. Particularly enjoying writing beautiful letters, it all began in his notebooks in primary school and carried over to his work as a painter. He wanted to stand out so all he had to do was find a way to write...differently.  

In 1990 and at the age of fourteen, he discovered graffiti. He has a atypical trajectory since he has less of a street art background and more experience working on paper, canvasses or even table corners. A fan of sketching, he now paints on and with materials that are in keeping with his ideas. He likes the idea of working on recycled parts to continue the history of an object and participate in recycling. Make no mistake about it: he is neither a graffiti artist nor a street artist. To stand out, he created Abstraffiti: the mixture of abstract art and graffiti. It is his style and it is important to be authentic and truthful. He grew up listening to 90’s hip-hop and such is reflected in his artistic expression. 

Cohé has a deep respect for street artists who bring graffiti to life. They have become more than singularised in pictorial academism: they have invented a dream accessible to all. Jerome evolves in parallel, not inside, but always in independence. It is for this reason that contrast is the key word in his painting: he is there without being part of it. It's all about subtlety and mixing genres. He also works on commission so do not hesitate to contact the KAZoART team to give life to your inspirations. 


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