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One of a kind work
50 x 50 cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
50 x 50 cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

This work is an illustration of my inspiration by the ENZO (Japanese circle - not finished), a symbol of awakening. As Buddhists believe, form is born out of emptiness. It is a "DNA fingerprint" of a person at the time of its realization, a radiographic spell of his mind, his "previous landscape".

Let yourself be guided by this magnificent poem written by a Marseille writer and poet with whom I have been collaborating since 2016 or find your own ENZO!

This work is made in a mixed technique with acrylic paint to give the relief of the background and Chinese ink. I used a flat fan brush - natural hair. The final layer that protects the UV painting is worked with the beeswax technique (encaustic). Table with a matt appearance.

Noah Julian's poem: "When"

When the abyss attracts us,
when our brains go round in circles,
like a compass without compassion,
we just need to breathe.
When the narrow spirits boo us,
Conspiring when we flounder
Our faults, an excess of zeal,
We must believe as we believed
When we were fourteen years old,
That the world full of traps,
Must be ours and that we besiege
it By forgetting the meditators.
When we fall back into loneliness,
Sometimes followed by our loves,
That the sun turns
around In front of our dirty habits,
Melancholy, cuddly package,
Sent to strengthen
us With the sad, with the gay, Bring us
closer to the yang and yin.
When the true good weather finally comes,
That we find ourselves in harmony
with the Earth, with Life,
In the company of friends, lovers,
That we move away from nothingness,
That we pray only for flowers,
That we have especially enjoyed
our seven lives as a cat.
Let us touch and touch, then, let us move
forward with a valiant heart.
And when death soon comes,
let us have nothing to regret,

artist avatar

ORA artiste peintre

21 fans

Vannes (56), France

22 works

ORA is a French-Polish painter who develops a personal work with a brush, in the expression of a contemporary calligraphy. An art of the line, an art of writing that has won him many exhibitions in France, Poland and Canada.

Chinese calligraphy and the art of gesture is about life and nature; nature as we like to find it when we leave cities, but also what human beings are naturally: a person made of flesh, bone, blood and energy.

His quest for silence, untiring to find the fundamental unity of the Universe, is of mystical beauty through movement in the present moment, here is his fundamental concern.

From a very young age, ORA has been looking for the perfect gesture with the practice of martial arts. Inspired by painters such as Shitao, Chu Ta, Zao Wu Ki, Fabienne Verdier, Pierre Soulages, François Cheng, André Kneib, Hartung, her research is based on the use of writing as a graphic expression.

The Chinese character opens up graphic spaces that it is important for him to explore. It transforms the gesture into a powerful flow of energy through black ink. The greatest freedom comes from the greatest rigour! His universe invites us to a contemplation in silence, an encounter with oneself an incessant conversation between the mind and heart, the earthly and the celestial.

ORA mixes different techniques with equally fascinating principles, from primitive and Italian painting: glaze, transparency and the depth of beeswax (encaustic), so many revealing mirrors of life, of the full void. Nothing is more difficult than being spontaneous, especially when you want to be spontaneous...

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