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Composition en vert n°1



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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
100 x 100 cm
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"The theme of water is recurrent in my painting. These two compositions 1 and 2 consist of papers floating on a swampy surface as well as twigs, elements carried by the overflowing river after a tropical storm. Man leaves tracks everywhere in nature." - Aude Jonquères d'Oriola

Integration of tissue paper into the still fresh acrylic.

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Aude Jonquères d'Oriola

16 fans

montpellier (34), France

20 works

It all begins with the early discovery that colour and line will be for Aude Jonquères d’Oriola the means of expressing her emotions, dreams and feelings, which her introverted nature does not allow her to express in words. The choice to integrate Fine Arts as soon as possible is an obvious one. After four years of studies in Perpignan and her diploma, she entered the École nationale des Arts Déco, which she left to enter the workforce. This was followed by an introduction to painting restoration and the discovery of teaching at the CNAM.

Since the 2000s, she has devoted herself entirely to her creative activity. Talking about your painting is a perilous exercise. The truth of art and its discourse are at the end of the brush. Having received an academic training, Aude Jonquères d’Oriola seeks by a controlled purification of the subject, to extract the substance to share with the spectator a maximum of sensations.

The human figure has been very important for years in the choice of subject, but for the past three years, it has turned to compositions combining figurative elements confronted with beaches of colour, mixed technique, silk paper embedded in acrylic, highlights in pastel oil.... Between ideal and reality, colour dominates his work. In the end, there is a natural abstraction that she allows to impose itself gently, without being imprisoned by her.

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