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Confrontation : on va tomber, on va grandir



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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
160 x 120 cm
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The recurring theme of DUGA's work is the human, its joys, its happiness, its difficulties to live in this world, its sadness, its loneliness, its passions, its cruelties, its contradictions, its history and its little stories of everyday life. His work is expressionist. His work is instinctive, spontaneous, close to art brut. He doesn't know where he's going when he starts a painting. It evolves from hour to hour and often when he decides to stop, the canvas has completely evolved in another direction than the one at the beginning.

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Ways, Belgium

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Christian Dugardeyn (DUGA) is a Belgian artist born in Brussels in 1963. He is an artist of emotion and free expression. After an inescapable passage through the Fine Arts, he was able to emancipate himself from the artistic techniques taught and make his instinctive emotions (re)speak. He paints and sculpts viscerally, in a state of regression, on the margins of contemporary artistic trends.

He gives free rein to his emotions through different techniques, drawing, painting and sculpture remaining his favourite mediums. The early arts, African art, Oceanian art, Amerindian art, raw art, childish art have strongly marked him. It has its roots in it. Among the contemporary artists, Basquiat, Combas and the free figuration movement, Aléchinsky, Appel and the Cobra group, Picasso, Schiele and expressionism, Dubuffet and Art Brut, Street Art, ... have permeated his work. An artist cannot remain in his own corner, isolated. He must open up, reshape the influences of the past that speak to him.

In Picasso, Basquiat and Street Art, it is the distortions of the characters that interest him while keeping a certain anatomical fidelity and gesturality. The writing and graffiti of Street Art interest him by the fluidity and speed of the gesture as well as by the explosion of colors. Anything is possible.

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