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Un été à paris-passy



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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
33 x 41 cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Un été à Paris-Passy 41/33/2 cm.

On a summer's day in the sunny Paris, buildings concentrate the heat rising from the asphalt in their white walls. The sky is almost white with this heavy and sticky heat. Parisians take refuge in the shade of the terraces, in the bistros. It is a scene before confinement and coronavirus, a scene of happiness and carelessness; of meetings and sharing. The painting is protected by an acrylic varnish; the sides are surrounded by a white nail-hiding tape. It is ready to hang on the wall; dated, signed, delivered with certificate of authenticity.

artist avatar

Valérie Le Meur

67 fans

gif sur yvette (91), France

93 works

His first paintings already represented factories, characters from everyday life. Already, she painted her first scenes by highlighting the light, the colours and by framing these scenes in a very personal way.

Valérie Le Meur works with acrylic and inks. Acrylic is a material that suits her because she works by quick touches, she is impatient and this technique allows her to give her painting a speed, a raw aspect, sometimes violent, she is in the urgency of the moment.

His paintings are representations of contemporary, urban reality. She works from photos she takes, chooses and frames. The work of composing the painting is almost entirely done at that time. What she is looking for above all is an atmosphere. Characters that you can guess from behind the windows of a building, the conversations you hear in a pub.

She will gladly ignore the reality of a shape or colour, or perspective. She wants to get the spectators into her paintings, she has set the scene and invites them to imagine their own scenario. Valérie Le Meur is a humanist painter, the human being is at the heart of her paintings; whether it is represented or underlying. We see them or we guess them. Behind a building facade, in a crane, behind the theatre curtains. She is not looking for the conceptual or the pleasant.

His paintings are a mark of our contemporary world: a theatre, a factory or a building under construction, a museum that drowns under the effect of rising water. A testimony of our daily life in our urban environment that it wants to keep for future generations. With a part of a dream....

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