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Charlotte BastonCroisement

Emerging artist
One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
81 W x 116 H cm
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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
81 W x 116 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Acrylic on canvas, series Corps Bruts. The abandonment of force, the crossing of opposites, when the load gives way, when man accepts, recognizes, his infinitesimal, and the whole which carries him away...

artist avatar
Charlotte Baston
Emerging artist

KAZoART artist since 2021

26 works

Charlotte Baston was trained very early in classical music and dance, a 10-year teaching after which she practiced professionally these two disciplines for a long time, deviating from the classical for a contemporary style. It was not until 2015 that she began painting, in a self-taught way and without any pretension or professional aim, and yet it is this art which, over the months and years, has turned out to be obvious.

Charlotte Baston has been declared a professional painter since 2019, she is now an emerging artist. "I have always needed artistic expression throughout my career, but beyond the artistic journey, it was above all a human journey, with all that that can entail. I was a dancer and musician that taught me a lot, but it is only with painting, alone and without training, that I felt able to finally express what defines me deeply. "

At the heart of the work is the Body, which presents itself as a true temple of our humanity. Bodies speak, tell us, through their poses and their treatments, Charlotte Baston makes us see men and women in her very particular way. We are far from the classic poses, but also far from a clear-cut discourse, the artist prefers to speak of whole bodies, in what they are, undoubtedly crossed but with a certain restraint, thus creating a form of tension specific to his work.

"I am not too explicit in my paintings, I do not advocate, do not affirm, I like uncertainty, in the sense that there are no certainties, I prefer reflection, delicacy. , sensitivity, I find a lot of strength and beauty in it. " In this, Charlotte Baston's work is neither black nor white, neither dark nor luminous, she likes to say that she is inspired by what is such as it is. Indeed, the artist does not like value judgments and categories, for her much too simplistic and reductive. It is precisely in the encounter between differences, inconsistencies and sometimes even opposites that his inspiration is drawn. "I believe I am a great lover of life, with all that it entails, its materials and textures, an interweaving that has always fascinated me, and I think that my painting says it much better than me ..."

Finally, Charlotte Baston's painting is an invitation to reflection rather than opinion, an approach of mind and perception, definitely at the heart of her work.

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