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Odile FrachetCarminée

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work
43 W x 100 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
43 W x 100 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

The painting "Carmine" is part of the series: "PANORAMIC".

It suggests an atmosphere of winter, frosts, cold of share its transparencies and its opacities.

It allows assemblies as these panels called: "PANORAMICS" - Landscape in the 18th century which decorated the interiors.

Odile Frachet
Confirmed artist
  • 10 works

Odile Frachet is a painter, sculptor and engraver.

From a young age, she was attracted by her visits to the potters of the Puisaye region, and chose to study plastic arts at the Lycée Auguste Renoir-Ganneron (ceramics section) in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

In 1966, she obtained a diploma in earthenware and porcelain decoration and a first prize for a ceramic piece exhibited at the Salon d'hiver - Grand Palais.

In 1967, she dedicated herself to the creation of ceramics which she successfully presented in a personal exhibition in Caracas; a city in which she was invited for numerous training courses and exhibitions of her work (1973-1974-1987-1991).

Her first medium is clay: sandstone. Fascinated by clay, a material that is shaped, fired at high temperature and reveals the alchemy of the fusion "earth-glaze".

Each of her sculptures, the result of a long reflection, is the result of assembling volumes in clay and other varied materials such as glass, slate, or porcelain.

Inspired by different themes such as "Spirals", "Porte-Lune", "Comédie Humaine", "Carrés Floraux Muraux", "Face-Porte", or "Rois et Reines.

Odile Frachet's research is based on form, emptiness and fullness, as well as on bringing "meaning" and arousing the imagination of each person.

Since 1988, the paper sketches of her sculptures lead her to painting. This one gives us to see his vision of the world by using the principles: of opposition, complementarity, opacity, transparency. The composition is based on the play of contrasts and mirrors.

Odile Frachet works with acrylic, mixed media, collage. Her works between figuration and abstraction seek to leave the collector, the art lover; the freedom to recreate indefinitely its own images.

From 2003, the artist appropriates another medium: the engraving. As in painting and sculpture, his "abstract figuration" style arouses the emotions and dreams of each person.

Thanks also to the print, Odile Frachet conceives and realizes Artists' Books with poets (6 to date) where poems, engravings, original works, answer each other, and complete each other.

Since 1973, the artist leads workshops and courses in her studio "Céladon".

Since 1967, the artist's works are regularly presented in France and abroad. More than 300 exhibitions including nearly 90 personal ones.

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