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Alexandre M. RockefellerReflet Symbolique II-14

One of a kind work
30 W x 30 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
30 W x 30 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Through the body, Alexander M. Rockefeller experiments with shapes, light, colors and volumes.

Alexandre M. Rockefeller
  • 23 works

Alexandre Moore Rockefeller was born in Paris in 1988 into a family of industrialists. He discovered painting by enrolling in art classes. He will forge his technique and will be fascinated by the history of art.

He chose to study the nude in particular. The flesh being for him the last place of personal power. His work is inspired by artists who have sublimated the ideal beauty of the body: Titian (especially with "The Venus of Urbino"), Velasquez, Goya, Monet, Matisse, Modigliani, Tom Wesselmann.

All his life, he sought to leave his mark on the present by relying on a precise knowledge of the past; his aesthetic, his approach. The form must be as pure as possible on a monochrome background. Only the reflection of the light by the metallic color materializes the space and the silhouette. The human body is transformed by the use of paint and iridescent colors, relying on inspirations from collage and sculpture.
Drawing and color cannot be dissociated. Each line, each curve, each flat of colors participate in the creation of a form. This last one is sublimated by the interaction and the association of colors.
His palette, made up of metallic colors, evolves in different ways generating force and energy, thus creating his signature.

"My goal is not to represent an ideal and stereotyped body because I recognize the diversity of bodies. I am only interested in the manifestations of life and their forms that I transcend by elements of the body, by a sculpted silhouette and an abstract nudity.
The touches of paint are the architecture of the body. The abstract forms projected on the bodies of my subjects have a pop dimension like erotic icons anchored in the 2000s.
They are odes to femininity, to the autonomous, authentic and free woman. I work instinctively, with the feeling, with the vibration like a fusion with the living.

To each line corresponds an idea. The body, its plasticity, its sensuality, seems to occupy the whole canvas. The proportions depend on the size of the canvas. The construction is done naturally.
I shape the human body with a knife, with bursts of color simulating the metamorphosis into bursts of life. From this energy is born a sensation in the moment. The graphics, the intensity of each touch and the materials harmonize and articulate into a unique abstract figure. In this way I hope to achieve an aesthetic transposition of my reality." A.M. Rockefeller (February 2014)

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