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FlorinaLes Thries

One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
100 W x 100 H x 3 D cm
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Acrylic painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
100 W x 100 H x 3 D cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

The Thries are three winged sisters and allies.

They have complementary abilities that give them great divinatory powers. Antalia sees the invisible, the imperceptible, Rosanna knows the future and guesses the future, and Pausania knows everything about the past.

They are associated with the bee, as shown by the swarms they wear as accessories. The bee is a strong symbol, linked to the sacred and the divine, and the honey it produces has a royal dimension.

Thanks to their gifts, the three sisters develop the art of prophecy. They are cooperative in exchange for offerings, especially honey. But when the consultant is not generous, they do not hesitate to proliferate lies.

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KAZoART artist since 2018

25 works sold

54 works

At 30 years old, Florina realized the challenge of painting 16 canvases in 20 weeks to be able to organize a worthy exhibition at Pause Création. Falling into drawing by chance at the age of 15, she organized her first oil and knife painting exhibitions at the age of 16. She continued her artistic development during her studies, gradually specializing in graphic art, communication and finally video. Today, with the simple ambition of reconnecting with painting, she does everything possible to share her passion and give her audience emotional experiences, thanks to themes she cherishes, such as the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

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