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Bruce lee dance system



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80 x 100 cm
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This contemporary pop work combines an iconic figure of 70's genre cinema, Bruce Lee, and the world of techno. This mix makes it possible to pay tribute to the contemporary music that is techno and is located in a rather daring way in the gallery of pop portraits that illuminate the world of painting by the strength of its colors and a nod to the popular culture of genre cinema by this icon.

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Sara Chelou

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For twenty years now, she has been running the streets, squats, wastelands and humanist causes... Sara Chelou who puts solar colours on our miseries... Of bilingual and international culture, she lives and works in Paris. His masters are the painters of the 1950s, the new realists of the 1960s, the free figuration of the 1980s. And as for the way she paints in the city, she says she is influenced "by American pop culture with Keith Haring, Wharol, Lichtenstein, by graffiti culture from everywhere and elsewhere". It was in the 1990s, in Paris, that she began to paint outside the walls, as a committed artist in the underground world, in industrial cathedrals and libertarian wastelands. "I have a plastic and experimental journey that questions the artist's role in the city but also his place in society. In twenty years, she has lived through many epics, but her favourite remains that of the Convent of the Récollets (Paris, 10th arrondissement), a remarkable 17th century building that the French government had dedicated to destruction and that street art artists, who had entered into resistance, saved. Sara Chelou is a committed witness of her time and the icons of our world, Bukovski, Basquiat, Gainsbourg, Sitting Bull, Frida Kalho.... cross her work. His urban poetry accompanies us and his messages slow our steps! On his canvases, the adventure continues to reach your home....

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