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Ile 6



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Mixed media
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Mounted Canvas
120 x 120 cm
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Acrylic and pigments on linen canvas and wood frame.

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Mea Ambrozo

Renowned Artist Renowned Artist

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12 works

Design. Art and mechanical skill. To mark with a distinctive sign, to draw... Mark, sign, imprint, Being able to make a difference. Draw figures, contours, patterns. Signing shapes, forming signs. Designing according to an intention, a concept. Forge a project that is embodied in this sign, this Drawing. Drawing or design.

Opposite emotions, taken to extremes, can be expressed in the same way. Mea Ambrozo is influenced by singular artists such as Robert Ryman, Roxy Paine, Odile Soudant, Chiaru Shiota or Mathias Heiderich. But also avant-garde architects such as Marcel Breuer, Pierre Koenig, Zaha Hadid, Luciano Kruk, Kouichi Kimura and the Modscape Agency. There's also Land Art.

Very stylised universes and marked lights... Morpho-Ecology, research in design: shapes, colours, materials... Nature as inspiration. The Love of the Lines...

Mea Ambrozo also works to order.

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Le songe ou la solitude
Le songe ou la solitude
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Acrylic painting (65 x 50 cm)
Bleue comme la peur
Bleue comme la peur
Digital photography (50 x 50 cm)
Le trophée
Le trophée
Acrylic painting (75 x 55 cm)
Sculpture lumineuse 2
Sculpture lumineuse 2
Mixed media (12 x 54 cm)
To the light
To the light
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Oil painting (100 x 30 cm)
Un balcon en forêt
Un balcon en forêt
Oil painting (80 x 120 cm)
Montagne dans la brume
Montagne dans la brume
Acrylic painting (80 x 80 cm)
Evasion poétique - 1
Evasion poétique - 1
Acrylic painting (60 x 30 cm)
Ceramic Sculpture (52 x 42 cm)
Le vase bleu
Le vase bleu
Oil painting (50 x 65 cm)
Tourne, tourne et surtout ne t'arrête pas de tourner (sur fond gris)
Tourne, tourne et surtout ne t'arrête pas de tourner (sur fond gris)
Acrylic painting (100 x 100 cm)

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