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Robe rouge



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Acrylic and oil.

"My approach is essentially plastic, a lively graphic design, a powerful painting, an original chromatic stake and a gestural spontaneity which confers to all my work, a kinesthetic energy almost impulsive." - Nadine Defer

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Nadine Defer

Emerging artist Emerging artist

115 fans

DRAGUIGNAN (83), France

94 works

BIOGRAPHY Born in 1954 in the North of France, from a ceramicist and musician father and a musician mother. As a child, I dreamed of doing "Fine Arts". But my parents advised me (as their own parents had done) to choose job security. So I became a psychiatric nurse, like my father, like my grandfather. At the same time I am learning to work the land with my father. In 1984, I moved to the south of France, La Provence. I regularly attend watercolour workshops, then drawing with live models, it is the revelation: "I will work on the body! "There are several courses in contemporary painting, drawing, engraving... university courses in art history and plastic arts, I attend the Beaux Arts de Toulon, participate in many exhibitions where I win many prizes. In 2010, freed from certain family constraints (my children are grown up), I decided to leave my job as a nurse to devote myself to painting. Since then, as a professional artist, I have participated in many contemporary art shows. MY APPROACH IS ESSENTIALLY PLASTIC. I am looking for a rich, constructed and powerful painting, where graphics, materials and colours ARTICULATE for a subject: the human body. An approach where semantics takes second place and comes down to: "living", without socio-political pretensions or chatter. THE SUPPORT: the canvas for me becomes "skin", body expression. The represented tends to disappear in favour of a lived body, mine, but also that of the spectator. Moreover, the format I use allows this physical engagement through gestures. GRAPHISM: everything starts and ends with drawing, working from living models. I am attentive to a gesture, a look, a shortcut, or simply a curve, a hand, a foot, a knee... In fact, an almost kinesthetic emotion guides the choice of my lines for my preparatory drawings. THE CHROMATIC ISSUE: My palette is original, daring and personal. It represents in itself a kind of signature. It is an assumed risk, because this somewhat expressionist choice contributes, I think, to the strength of my work. THE MATTER: my colours are material by asserting themselves through a certain autonomy: drips, impastoes, virgin canvas in places, creating overflow, spontaneity and the unexpected. This is probably where the "drive" dimension of my paintings is hidden. THE SUBJECT finally, the body, is an exciting subject. It cannot leave anyone indifferent because everyone can feel his or her involving strength. Naked or faces, the body always captures us.

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