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alina(lalala)UNE PORTE

Best seller
One of a kind work
71 W x 208 H cm
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Mixed media
One of a kind work
71 W x 208 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

At the beginning of March, the unimaginable happened; a film script became reality in the form of a global pandemic. Health war, deaths, containment. Each individual deals as he or she can with this more than unprecedented situation; surreal. As in every crisis, solidarity is born, movements are created, collectives appear; the Instagram @demainaubalcon account is one of them. The objective of this initiative is to flood the streets with positive waves, by displaying messages of hope, whether on a balcony, a window, a garage, a gate etc... and thus offer a sounding board to all of us citizens, who are calling for a new world. Alina took part in this movement as a woman, a mother, a citizen and an artist. An artist who plays with words, symbolism and who chose to repaint a damaged door, in all colours and put her words on it. A door that echoes our damaged world, largely through our fault, but a world that we can repair together and make it beautiful.

Spray and paint, on old wooden door. The work is not sold with a hanging system.

A DOOR is part of the WORDS series, where alinalalala plays with its different series to create a new one. It takes up the codes of the DRAW ME A LINE, the intention is the same: a simple message and a touch of humour. On the other hand, she uses supports that have already lived, as in the series ABÎME, here she uses mirrors, shutters, doors .... Alina continues to have fun with words using the support, its roughness, as well as the medium and its imperfections, to create a new story.

Best seller
  • KAZoART artist since 2019
  • 22 works sold
  • 96 works

Alina Schiau, named after her artist alina (lalala), was born in Romania, that of Ceausescu... Her parents decided to flee her, so that their daughter would grow up in a free country. For Alina, it all began during her studies at the Geneva School of Applied Arts where she emerged first from her class, confirming her belief that she is gifted for creation.

Between graphic design and painting, between History and stories; his daughter, his life, love, music, the great masters of yesterday and today, nature, duality... The list knows no end, it even grows longer by the day...

The messages that can be perceived through his works are often coded and become a labyrinth of puzzles, a puzzle that needs to be deciphered (or not). As when you listen to a song in a foreign language, you don't understand it, but it speaks to you and touches you in its own way. And as a game, as a secret, as another story that adds to that of the work, legend has it that on each of her paintings, her daughter comes to put her name on it: "Lili".

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