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NikiIrony of art

One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
110 W x 110 H cm
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Mixed media
One of a kind work
110 W x 110 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Inspired by the painting "Saint Veronique" by Greco 1580

  • KAZoART artist since 2019
  • 11 works

Niki's first work was a mural of the solar system on the wall of her college, followed by drawings and paintings for friends. Entirely self-taught, she paints only out of desire and for pleasure.

In 2018, she created a painting of Mickey putting a big hit on social networks. She posted this painting on Facebook and was quickly spotted by the François Pompon Museum in Saulieu, which was looking for new talents to exhibit. Then everything goes on! Exhibitions with Richard Orlinski, Michel Audiard, and the meeting with Laurence and Bruno from the "Une vie de rêve" Gallery in Dijon.

The admiration for Niki de Saint-Phalle guided the choice of her name as an artist, a self-taught woman, who expressed all her emotions through her art, freed herself from her fears, chains, anger and created an artistic revolution to give women a voice.

She loves the wind of freedom that Art breathes, like Basquiat and Haring who are the "kings" of Street Art. The power to say and do everything through their paintings. Art must be contesting, denouncing, liberating, militant, aesthetic or not...

The name of the collection, "Horn of Plenty" - alias "horn of plenty" - reflects McQueen's desire to point out the absurdity of a consumer society that takes too much and throws too much.

It is through these 4 great artists: Niki de Saint-Phalle, Haring, Basquiat and Alexander McQueen that we perceive the power of Art. It is often said that there is only one madman to recognize a madman.

His choice is to make a daily support dedicated to destruction, waste, dirty or forgotten and to make it a work of art. A kind of artistic recycling. At a time of great waste and catastrophic effects on nature, animals and humans, its old rusty cans, abandoned road signs, jerry cans, shutters... which have passed through time and have themselves suffered the setbacks of an over-consumption society, are being put back in the spotlight. Niki rewrites a story for them that they will have to go through in time once again.

Her background collage technique is very often based on flyers from the 70s, parts of newspapers that denounce injustices, such as the newspaper l'Aurore with its article "J'ACCUSE" by Emile ZOLA, garbage bags... then she bombs, partially covers, so that the collage is a suggestion, a filter. She makes her stencil by hand, of the character or animal, which she has chosen to highlight and she still bombs, writes a word, words... which seem obvious to her.

The message of his works? Bringing objects back to life after all, in the scraps of this humanity that is moving too fast. Bring them back to life with the effigy of artists, actors, geniuses and forgotten people who have made the revolution in the cultural, societal and artistic world.

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