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Toulouse 2001/ 4

One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
80 x 80 cm
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Mixed media
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
80 x 80 cm
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Tempera and oil on canvas

Toulouse has been surrounded by history for over 2000 years.

Attracted by its architecture and its exotic chromaticism, I walked with the glance of the flaneur, I opened myself to the impressions and I let myself be guided by this light. It invades narrow streets. A multitude of geometric shapes and colours appear in this way and are duplicated by the shadows. What dominates is the contrast between the warmth of the brick red and the dark blue-grey of the shadows.

In the rue du Taur the brick facade, the bell-tower-wall, the entrance of the church attracted me particularly. Inside, a large dark room opens up. The façade was flamboyant at sunset and remains in my memory.

I was interested in the history of the city and I found the Tolosane Cross, the golden cross on a red background. The geometry of heraldry made me choose the square format of the paintings.

The first composition for the painting was to put the façade of the Church of Our Lady in the middle of the canvas and on each side the perspectives of the narrow streets.

In a later phase, in the paintings of this district I isolated the vertical segments, with these cuts (cuts) the structure of the paintings is made more dynamic. The light passes through the buildings and streets, throwing lightning on the ground, the shadows make the objects disappear and make the places magical. The city surrenders for a moment before closing in on its secret.


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Evelyn Kuwertz

Renowned Artist Renowned Artist

15 fans

Berlin, Germany

42 works

Evelyn Kuwertz was born in Bad Aussee, Austria. She lives and works between Berlin and the southwest of France. Her approach brings together 2 major themes: the city as an urban reality and the image of man.

The images of the city become a primordial subject that she transforms into metaphors of time and the ephemeral. For almost twenty years, in the 1980s and 1990s, she produced a series of paintings on the city of West Berlin, which was then in the midst of reconstruction. A true testimony of her time, her works illustrate the major projects of these two decades: Potsdamer Platz (1992-1995), the reconstruction of the Esplanade, the Hotel Adlon, the Reichstag, the Berlin Mitte and the Neues Museum (1997-1999).

From the 2000s onwards, his interest also extended to other European cities, starting with Toulouse and continuing with Paris, Barcelona and Rome. These canvases are not only representative: she chooses to show her own perception of the places visited and gives a subjective view of her first impressions as a painter. Reality and imagination interpenetrate.

At the same time, Evelyn Kuwertz devotes part of her research to the movement of human figures. She works with dancers during the rehearsals of the Ballet du Sacre du printemps at the Opéra de Toulouse and "Caravaggio" at the Staatsballett in Berlin. The movements of the dancers merge with the movements of the brushes on the canvas.

Since 2004 she has been undertaking a series of "taken from life": characters drawn by a sketch of clothing that suggest a contemporary world. A series of paintings representing individuals moving in an urban field. These sequences of interlocking movements fill the canvas and contrast with superimposed backgrounds and fragments of urban architecture often in abyss. The composition and structure remain transparent and light while retaining a multitude of details.

Evelyn Kuwertz' works are exhibited in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn), England (London) and France (Toulouse, Tarbes, Montauban, Cahor, Albi). Her paintings can be found in many private and public collections.

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