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Mixed media
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Mounted Canvas
60 x 80 cm
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Mixed media: Ink, acrylic paint, aerosol, posca, marker, stencil, transfer, spray and drips on linen canvas and wood frame. Unique work dated and signed on the back and sold with its certificate of authenticity. Touching street art, graffiti or Pop Art, Misako is a complete artist. Her creations fit perfectly between the urban and the contemporary, and revisit the icons of popular culture. Beneath her works is often hidden a powerful message, pointing out many of the pitfalls of our world. Thanks to Misako's works, get your dose of sweetness and cerebral candy, have fun in these hectic times and you will be pleasantly surprised to fall back into childhood, tenderly rocked by your memories and wrapped in a reassuring and warm nostalgia. Already followed by many French but also international galleries, his works are now exported to more than 13 countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Brunei Darussalam, the United States and South Korea. Find all of Misako's works in art galleries at Sonia Monti (Paris 8ème), L'Oeil Ouvert (Paris 10ème), DZ Galerie (Nice), The Jungle Art Gallery (Colmar) and abroad at The Gallery (Lugano, Switzerland), Ditri Art Galerie (Netherland), Galleri Krusj (Norway) and Curator HongLee (Paris, London, Montreal, New-York, Seoul, Tokyo and Taiwan).
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Misako Street Art

Emerging artist Emerging artist
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Saint Jean du Gard (30), France

77 works

Graffiti, art brut, street art, or pop art, Misako's works are both urban and contemporary. Very colourful and striking, they often convey a strong message denouncing the world of the 21st century and its intense thirst for consumption. Comics, comic books, public personalities or even luxury brands, the subjects are as diverse as they are varied and involve a creative approach that caricatures the world we live in today.

Her practice is rooted in an exploratory methodology of her childhood and artistic culture acquired during her higher education.

Already followed by many French and international galleries, his works are exported to 9 countries: France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, the United States and South Korea.

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