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One of a kind work
140 W x 140 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Mixed media
One of a kind work
Rolled Canvas
140 W x 140 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

The ArtPOSTERS of alina(lalala) speak for themselves. She does not wish to communicate extensively on this work, as she says that her creations already include a visual and/or textual illustration, and that it has nothing to add to the simplicity of the work presented. It's all in the concept of the series itself, and once you know the artist and her universe, everything takes on its meaning. Each ArtPOSTER is cut manually from a roll of canvas and fixed between 2 wooden rods, which are also cut and stapled by hand. Wood being a living material, each stick is unique, with its own defects. The imperfections are part of the concept of the series and feed its purpose. Spray and acrylic on canvas cut and fixed manually on 2 wooden rods, also cut and stapled manually. Each poster is therefore unique and different. GENIUS, is part of the ArtPOSTERS series. The ArtPOSTERS of alina(lalala) are in the image of her universe: spicy and funny. They celebrate life in a fresh, colourful and fun way, in an era shaped by social media and where (artistic) authenticity is highly questionable. These ArtPOSTERS aim, among other things, to raise awareness of the falsity of contemporary society and the importance of keeping and cultivating its authenticity. Alina(lalala) was looking for a way to make this energy palpable and transmit it in a different way. She then remembered her teenage bedroom: the walls covered with drawings, photos and posters annotated on all sides. Words, both in their calligraphy and in their poetry, fascinate her and have always been part of her work... This series has become an evidence: the posters take us back to childhood, to the time of the first secret, intimate and hidden thoughts. To this truth that we think we hold and to this feeling of being alone in the world to feel such intense emotions. Thoughts are expressed here in a raw, powerful way and the beauty of imperfect, authentic and atypical things is brought to the fore: this is their true impact. With these ArtPOSTERS, she reinterprets a whole era in a modern context.

  • KAZoART artist since 2019
  • 31 works sold
  • 101 works

Alina Schiau, named after her artist alina (lalala), was born in Romania, that of Ceausescu... Her parents decided to flee her, so that their daughter would grow up in a free country. For Alina, it all began during her studies at the Geneva School of Applied Arts where she emerged first from her class, confirming her belief that she is gifted for creation.

Between graphic design and painting, between History and stories; his daughter, his life, love, music, the great masters of yesterday and today, nature, duality... The list knows no end, it even grows longer by the day...

The messages that can be perceived through his works are often coded and become a labyrinth of puzzles, a puzzle that needs to be deciphered (or not). As when you listen to a song in a foreign language, you don't understand it, but it speaks to you and touches you in its own way. And as a game, as a secret, as another story that adds to that of the work, legend has it that on each of her paintings, her daughter comes to put her name on it: "Lili".

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