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Jacques KÉDOCHIML'homme abat-jour

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
50 W x 73 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
50 W x 73 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

"Lampshade Man" is part of the series "Urban Mirrors".

The paintings in this series are articulated around two planes. The artist plays with the transparency and opacity of Parisian shop windows to give us a poetic and dreamlike vision of the city's life.

The silhouette of a passer-by is projected on the front of a decoration store. In the window is arranged a "bric-a-brac" of objects including a huge light with a red lampshade.

The artist finds here a pretext to revisit the art of the still life and the urban landscape that he loves. While looking at it, one thinks of Aragon's verses: "For them, mirrors are most often, without even seeing themselves, that they pass in front of. They have no sense of what their life is, it is an innocence that I envy them.

Oil painting signed on the front, delivered varnished, with edges wrapped with a black nail cover, certificate of authenticity and invoice.

Confirmed artist
  • 43 works

Jacques Kédochim, a French painter, began his artistic training at the Atelier de la Vigne in the prestigious Etampes school, directed by Philippe Lejeune. There he discovered the demands of a classical and academic knowledge transmitted in the traditional way, the difficulty but also the exhilarating fulgurating work alla prima.

He then joined the Académie de Port-Royal (formerly the Académie Julian) - from which he graduated Grand Prix in 2015 - where he acquired mastery of composition and color, increased freedom in the transposition of realities and developed his work with materials.

If his portraits and still lifes seduce from the outset by their organic and direct character, it is especially his urban scenes that stand out by the intelligence of their composition.

His series entitled "Urban Mirrors" is particularly bewitching. Between real and unreal, it provokes a disturbing feeling of déjà-vu; the sensation of having already lived the situation painted. Crosswalks, bay windows, lampposts... Like the memory of a previous life, one believes to recognize everything of this landscape reconstituted by superimposed filters where the moving silhouettes become ghostly, where the known is transformed into unknown.

The painter works his compositions by superimposing planes around a focal point, often a character. Then he inserts color, balances the colored masses, adds, removes and replaces visual elements. The motif, the flat tints of color struggle with the figuration and the clear line. The layers accumulate, combine, intertwine to form a unique assembly. The artist digs the buried sense towards memorial refuges where the real rubs shoulders with the approximation, and the deconstruction that of the representation.

The viewer, confronted with the accumulation of planes and the "pictorial disorder" sparse with shimmering colors, walks through the paintings and is caught by their dreamlike and timeless character which inscribes them in a filiation to the themes dear to Edward Hopper.

Jacques KÉDOCHIM is a member of the Taylor Foundation, a member of the Artistes Français and of the Salon d'automne. He is a member of the international movement "Destructuralism Figurative".

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