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Parfum d'ivresse



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Oil painting
One of a kind work
40 x 40 cm
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A tribute to Klimt, this painting is part of a collection of works on the subject. Floral impressions, woman with a fan seen from below. Warm and orange red tones. Mixed techniques. Inspiration: the woman in Klimt’s universe.

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Lisbeth Buonanno

24 fans


32 works

There are as many arts as there are ways of seeing and understanding it to capture its full substance.

Lisbeth Buonanno’s creation is intended to evoke particular images: intimate, offbeat, timeless, but which are part of our collective imagination. No speech, just simple sensations, a little emotion, narrative snapshots in which we find ourselves. His exploration of the subject: "capturing a moment of life" is to touch the spectator in a utopian or not way, on individual, anecdotal, even humorous, but always very personal resonances to each one.

The characters in his paintings evolve in small, confidential pocket theatres. Each of them lives melodramas where the thread of lost or found hopes is knotted and untied. This interpretation will always depend on the viewer’s perspective!

A conductive framework connects them: light as the primary factor in their creative process. She is the one who enhances her intimate sensations, the one who dresses all her subjects in a garment of light, without technical devices.

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