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Inner soul



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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
100 x 100 cm
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Mineral Series (moons)

"I’m here, do you feel me? I vibrate, I have absorbed all the daylight and I am revealing it to you now. I also superimposed my thoughts, my memories. I am like a sun, a magnet, a moon. I have a soul too. I can be your mirror, your unconscious. You erase me, you do it again and you erase me again. But the memory remains and the light is alive. I will accompany you day and night. I have a lot to tell you" Inner soul. 2018

This painting was inspired by the Yellowstone Geysers, US Round canvas, 100 cm in diameter

Technique: Oil, mineral and phosphorescent pigments on canvas.

The work is signed and dated on the back of the canvas.

The work is visible in total darkness by phosphorescence. It is charged with light in daylight or electric light and diffuses it by phosphorescence at night. The second photo seen at night gives a small glimpse of it as it is difficult to report phosphorescence by photograph. The real effect is more intense as the eye gets used to it.

artist avatar

Stéphanie Malossane

Emerging artist Emerging artist

29 fans

Paris (75), France

23 works

Stéphanie Malossane aspires to create instinctive works that soothe and allow encounters, meditative and reflective supports and wonders: What makes a work alive? How does it accompany us day and night? She explores the superposition of time, places and emotions. She observes the light and radiation. She aspires to decipher, feel and intuition and transmits notions of blurring and reflection as meditative supports. It is a journey, a vision, a movement in time and space at different levels of consciousness. Stéphanie reflects on the elements of synchronicity that generate and result from her creations. Thus new works are born from the creative stages. She explores the "soul reflections" in nature. Environmental nature and inner nature, both fragile and strong, enter into osmosis and speak to us through the work. Stéphanie works in painting, photography, video exploring and mixing mixed techniques of oil, mineral pigments, phosphorescence, alternative photography.

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