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Oil painting
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40 x 80 cm
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This oil on canvas was done in spring 2015 on the golf of Coulondres in Saint-Gély du Fesc on an XL canvas (wooden frame 7cm thick - weight: about 3kgs).

"Four sessions were necessary. I tried to transcribe the sun's passage through the pine branches." - Jean-Noël Le Junter

This oil is ready to hang and because of its size does not require framing.

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Jean-Noël Le Junter

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JN Le Juneter was born in 1952 and received a Master of Arts from the Clermont-Ferrand University in 1973.  

After receiving his teaching certificate in and serving in the army, he became a professional painter in 2000 and has been a member of the 'Maison des Artistes' ever since.  Le Junter has received numerous prizes and been exhibited in eighteen galleries in France and abroad between 2000 and 2019. He lives and works in the South of France. 

A bit about his work: ''[...] In landscapes, seascapes , portraits and nudes he always starts on location or with live models making sketches and watercolours which will then enable him to work in his studio. [..] He is more interested in atmospheres than in reality and tries to convey his sensations and simplify this reality in order to retain only the essential while at the same time focusing on colours [..]'' translated from Midi Libre, December 2016 

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