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Urban handstand

One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
90 x 130 cm
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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
90 x 130 cm
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Hip-hop dancers have always been favoured by the artist, who can thus combine body movements with the colours of street art. The diversity of postures allows him to renew the genre at will. Note the choice of "black and white" and its shades of blue to define the dancer and give him relief, and the wall of brightly coloured graffiti in the background.

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Val Escoubet

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A portrait painter, Val Escoubet stands out for her hyper-realistic works, which are imbued with the emotion of the characters she strives to represent with great conviction and dynamism. The artist explores the fullness, love, cheerfulness, but also the movements of the body, such as dance, which she highlights in portraits of women, men and children.

"I want my painting to be alive and to give the impression that the subject will come out of the canvas": this is the objective she pursues with each new project. The characters are never frozen in their posture thanks to the work of fabrics, textures or even hair. The colours and contrast between the foreground and background also contribute to this impression.

Val Escoubet comes from photography, with a predilection for black and white photography from which she is mainly inspired. This influence can be found in his work. The characters are painted in "black and white" with variances of sepia, tones of blue, green, ochre, barely perceptible, but essential in the desired harmony. The choice of oil painting is then made as a matter of course for the result obtained, the delicacy of the nuances, the depth.

To highlight the portrait thus created, the artist adorns the background of his works with bright colours and motifs often borrowed from the world of Street-Art, such as graffiti and lettering. The use of acrylic paint then becomes a necessity when fluorescent or metallic colours are required, or when multiple overlays or dripping are used to enhance the painting. More than a nod to the graffiti artists to whom she has great admiration, it is above all an attraction for urban art, which is part of her roots and culture.

Val Escoubet also works to order. Do not hesitate to contact the KAZoART team for a quote.

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