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Assemblage II

One of a kind work
46 W x 43 H cm
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Oil painting
One of a kind work
46 W x 43 H cm
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Sold with a certificate of authenticity

"Second painting in a series representing foliage and which I continue to this day. Leaves are the ideal subject to represent nature as I see it, and as I wish to show it. Each leaf being as an individual, intersecting and merging with others, or not."

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Paul Gufflet


KAZoART artist since 2020


With subtlety and elegance, Paul Gufflet represents the emotions aroused in us by the contemplation of the world. He leaves enough room for imagination for the viewer to project his own mental universe, his coteries: the painted subjects can become malleable symbolic signs at the whim of daydreams.

The silhouettes, the voids, the spaces, the modelling of the figures make up harmonious and airy, refined ensembles, where the richness of the nuances fades away in the unity of the effect. There is a certain warping of the axes, the movement is suggested by the composite image that we form in our mind from a host of disparate elements.

Despite appearances, these are not attitudes taken on the spot, the scenes are well decomposed and not photographed. Always, a main figure in an environment in the process of slipping away.

"Painting is for me an art form that is distinguished by its ability to transmit affections through sight, to give the viewer very precise perceptions, which do not necessarily depend on the painted object. It is also for me a long research in the mastery of this capacity to transmit these perceptions.

Although I reserve to other disciplines the direct transmission of stories, or particular emotions, I am always touched when someone says they can project themselves in one of my paintings and link it to personal memories or feelings. This seems to me to be the reason why I paint in the end." - Paul Gufflet

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